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MODERATOR: Amongst the Pacific nations in the last few
years there have been some powerful Prayer movements
that have brought real transformation and Revival to some
of these places. I have seen amazing video footage and
have also met some of the Prayer leaders from Fiji. Very
powerful what has happened there over the last 2 years.
And now the same pattern is occurring in Indonesia:
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Date sent: Wed, 4 Jun 2003 19:01:14 +1000

"Transformation Underway in Indonesia"
-Jeff and Annette Hammond.

Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! That's all I can say to what is happening
across the nation at the moment. Things are boiling spiritually and
revival is breaking out. It will surely soon explode into a really great
visible move of God. We are having prayer meetings across the nation like
never before with crowds of 10,000, 35,000, 50,000, 70,000, 85,000 etc
turning out to pray for a total transformation and revival in the nation.
The atmosphere is electric. We just had some of the key transformation
guys from Fiji and Uganda here and they were overawed with what they saw.

Transformation Conference & Revival Meetings in Manado,
25-28 May 2003:

Manado experienced a spiritual earthquake as a profound attack was made
on the kingdom of darkness. At the same time the city was also shaken by
a 7point earthquake centred in Morotai which was strong enough to wake us
up in the middle of the night.

Jackson Senyonga came from Uganda and Vuniani Nakauyata and Poate
Mata came from Fiji. They come from nations currently experiencing
transformation and are centrally involved in this movement of God.

As Vuniani said, "It was as if two great waves came, one from Africa and
one from the Pacific and smashed together, joined together, in the city of

a.. Seminar: During the day time, about three hundred pastors,
intercessors and church workers gathered together to hear the message of
transformation from overseas and local church leaders, government
officials and even the deputy chief of police. Many church denominations,
Catholic, Protestant, Pentecostal and Charismatic were involved.

b.. Revival Meetings: In the evenings revival meetings were held in the
Manado sports stadium. From about 15,000 Sunday night to about 30,000 on
the Wednesday. The crowds were so responsive to the message of
Transformation. Hungry to be touched by God they crowded forward on the
last night and the power and presence of the Lord could be seen on the
faces of the people. There were also several demonic manifestations,
evidence that the enemy is upset about what is going on. Magic charms,
books etc. were brought and burned.

c.. Healing of the Land: The last evening people brought earth and sand
from their land and it was heaped in front of the podium as a prophetic
blessing and healing of the land took place. Jeff and the Mayor of Manado
led the people in a prayer of repentance for the sins of Manado, including
idolatry, adultery, witchcraft and occultism, murder, corruption, divorce,
drunkenness and robbery (all of them only too common in this city) and in
a mass dedication of Manado and North Sulawesi to the Lord by 30,000
people. Testimonies from Fiji and Uganda on how repairing covenant
relationships with the Lord on a church, city and national level has had
an amazing impact on the productivity of the land and the sea. Numerous
miraculous events have confirmed that these are living principles valid
for today.

d.. TV: Jackson, Vuniani and Jeff were also guest speakers on the local
TV during a "Coffee Morning" segment where they were interviewed about
Transformation and were also able to answer questions from viewers. Jeff
and Vuniani each did two extra TV shows.

e.. Meetings with Government: There was also an opportunity to address
government officials and members of Parliament at the Governor's office.
We had dinner with the Mayor of Manado. Another evening we dined with the
Deputy Governor. We also visited and prayed for the Mayor of Bitung, a
neighbouring city 50km from Manado.

f.. Meeting with Refugees: In Bitung we also celebrated Ascension day
with the refugees who still remain in the Megah Belia camp that only a few
weeks ago suffered an attack. It was moving to see their faith after all
their sufferings and to hear their cry of intercession and thanksgiving to
the Father for His faithfulness to them in their trials.

Please continue to pray that was has been planted this week will grow and
bring forth fruit, resulting in changed lives and a transformed city of

God on the Move in Jakarta, 29-30 May 2003

Arriving in Jakarta we went straight to a meeting of 1000 national prayer
network leaders and coordinators followed by a Breakfast for Politicians
and Government Leaders and a Luncheon for Pastors, Leaders and
Intercessors where Ps. Vuniani Nakauyaca and Ps. Poate Mata from Fiji
shared on what God is doing and saying through the Fijian Transformation

a.. All were greatly challenged and a public covenanting to the Lord
took place. There is a fervency in the prayer and commitment to unity
never seen before in the life of the church here. You can feel it in the
air. Things are changing.

b.. For Jakarta it was a follow-up of the National Prayer Conference two
weeks earlier attended by 70,000 and it helped give focus that
transformation in Jakarta and Indonesia has truly begun. It could be said
that it began back in 1997 with the economic collapse, the riots and
overthrow of President Suharto in 1998, but now it is gathering momentum
like a huge tornado and it is getting ready to touch down.

c.. Government leaders are even lining up asking to share and even to be
prayed for including the previous President of Indonesia, Abdurrahman
Wahid (Gus Dur). Once we had to beg leaders to try and get them to attend
Christian events, now we don't invite them and they contact us and request
to be included. In the face of radical attacks and attempts to thwart the
Church, Christ marches on.

Masses in Batam, 31 May 2003

In Batam, a small island very close to Singapore, 1500 gathered for a one
day seminar on transformation and they got more than they expected. The
Spirit of God broke out in waves of repentance, reconciliation and foot
washing. Reconciliation and repentance occurred as different racial groups
confessed their sins, asked forgiveness and hugged and wept over one
another. One township confessed the killing and eating of the first
missionary, a German Baptist, who had brought the Gospel to the Batak
people of North Sumatra. In the evening 6000 gathered to the church with a
capacity of 2500. 3500 were in the car park watching the service on giant
screens. The atmosphere in Batam is electric and there is great expectancy
that the Lord is doing a mighty work on the island. That was evident two
weeks ago when 35,000 gathered at the sport stadium to join in
simultaneously with Jakarta.

Bali - 1st June 2003

The impact of the Bali bombing, the exposing of the radicals responsible
for series of attacks against the churches, the scenes of liberation in
Iraq as Iraqis rejoiced to be liberated from Saddam Hussein has had a
significant impact in bringing a spirit of shame over large sections of
the community and a subsequent opening to the Gospel. In the midst of
these crises the Lord has brought a kairos moment of opportunity to this
island. We have visited this island repeatedly since the Bali bombing.

In another 5 months on October 10-12, the Government has given us the
right to organize the Memorial Service for the Bali Bombing and to
conduct a Festival of Praise in the lead up to the memorial. The govt.
is inviting heads of govt., providing free return air tickets for
families of victims etc. All the churches in Bali are coming together =
and will conduct a united church service on the Sunday morning of the =
12th in the Sport Stadium and in the Memorial Service in the afternoon a
5000 voice choir of Balinese Christians is being prepared to sing forth
the Gospel in a nationally televised service.

This is a fantastic opportunity to break the spirit of darkness and gloom
over this island and to show that Christ in His church can do what no one
else can do.

This is how transformation comes about, when a united, praying, loving
Body of Christ does what is absolutely impossible to be done by anyone

With love in Christ Jesus,

Jeff and Annette Hammond.

Promoting Genuine Biblical Revival.
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