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From: Andrew Strom.

Sorry to publish something again so soon. There have
been a number of questions arising from my "AMERICA"
email yesterday. People are also asking about my
itinerary in the USA, so that is included below as well.

Firstly, a few people got the impression that I was saying
that "Revival is not coming to America". Far be it from me
to ever say such a thing! You know, I was close to tears
at times yesterday as I was pondering and writing on this
subject. Because the possibility of a Revival powerhouse
like America actually missing her "hour of visitation" is a
nightmare. There are very few places in the world that
have EVER been a "Land of Revivals" and America is one
of them. The consequences for the church and the whole
Western world are just enormous. I don't think we realize
how important it is that for generation after generation,
GOING BACK CENTURIES, America has had regular
Revivals and Awakenings. This has altered the course
of history - it really has.

The point I was making is that, although America truly
is a "Land of Revivals", this cannot be taken for granted.
Wales also was a Land of Revivals - yet look at her today!
It is possible to lose it all - in the space of just one

That was the point I was making. There is an urgency for
Revival in America. Because if this generation goes by
and does not see Revival, America could lose everything
she has had. Wales simply missed ONE GENERATION
and lost it all.

There is something very significant about the 50-year
gap between Revivals. Wales missed her "next window
of Revival" so to speak, and it was all over! It is very
hard to recover after that, because the generation that
"remembers Revival" passes on, and the momentum is
lost. It has now been 50 years since America's last
major Revival. So we need to get an URGENCY in our
spirits about this - we really do.

Some people have reminded me that the "Jesus
Movement" of the late 60's and early 70's may have
been a kind of Revival. I am aware of this movement,
but hesitate to call it a "Revival". I think it was more
of an outgrowth of the charismatic movement. It was
great for a few years and ministered to the hippie and
youth movements of the day - but I just don't think it
amounted to a full-on "Revival". However, those were
indeed good days and perhaps this has bought us
some time. Who knows?

But my own feeling is that the "50 years" thing is
significant. This is what I felt God impressing upon
me when I was pondering and writing about this.

The 50 years are up. Could America miss her next
hour of visitation?

We need to pray with real urgency about this.

ST. LOUIS: 17-18 July (two nights -Thurs & Fri), 7:00pm.
Amazing Grace Fellowship, 7515 Morganford, St. Louis,
MO 63116. (-Ministering along with Bryan Hupperts).

KANSAS CITY: Sat 19 July (one night only), 7:00pm.
Revival Generation church, Grain Valley, KC. (- Will
notify address of building later).

NASHVILLE: 24-25 July (two nights - Thurs & Fri), 7:00pm.
Highways and Byways Church, Donnelson Pike, Nashville.
(-Along with worship-leader Karen Johnson).

All these meetings are FREE-ENTRY.

As you can see, we now have a confirmed venue for our
Kansas City meeting. Praise God! Thankyou so much
for all your prayers. Really looking forward to this trip.

God bless you all!

Kindest regards in Christ,

Andrew Strom.

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