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Text Sermons : ~Other Speakers S-Z : Robert Wurtz II : (I) The Gospel of God's Great love - Part 4 (Trusting in Lies)

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With lies and deceit Satan deceived Eve and Adam and with full knowledge Adam surrendered his weapon (as it were). He laid aside the sword of God’s Holy Word and stepped straight in to the snare of the enemy. It was as if he held out his hands and allowed Satan to take him and the whole human race away captive.

Reborn unto Satan and Sin

An exchange took place. The Lord departed from Adam and the vile spirit of disobedience and rebellion took his place (Ephesians 2). Where once God worked in Adam both to will and do his good pleasure, now Adam and all of his progeny would do the lusts of their new father the Devil. Adam traded his soul for a chance at being 'as' God (Genesis 3:5). He asserted his own will and disregarded God's.

Satan lied to Eve and told her they would be 'as' gods; but it was not what they expected. With his much fair speech he caused Eve and then Adam to yield, but they did not seem to believe that what they had done was for their own souls. Adam was blinded to the way in which he would alter the course of his descendants. In one moment of sin he changed the trajectory of human history towards damnation. He took into himself, as the figure head of the whole human race, the dynamic of Sin. From this point on man would sin naturally.

God did not want Adam and Eve living forever in corruptible and vile bodies, dominated by the spirit of disobedience, so He banished them from the Garden of Eden before they could eat of the Tree of Life and live forever as sinners. When Sin entered man- man had to exit the Garden. But God did not forsake man, but continued to strive with him to bring them back into a place of repentance.

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