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John Follette

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Finding Our Cross

EVERY MAN WILL FIND his discipline, and every man will find his cross. All Christians are not disciples. When He first introduces the cross, it is to Christians. Jesus Christ never places a cross on anybody. It is in our volitional Power of will to choose. He doesn't lay a cross on us "so we can love Him!" No, we voluntarily take it. He never imposes it; it will be the instrument on which we will be slain. Our cross will be the most liberating thing in our life. As with Christ's cross, it liberates and sets free everything in salvation, and the things of God.

Sidestep This Cross

If we sidestep this cross, we will sidestep one of the greatest agencies in the economy of God to bring us into God. He says, "Come, take up this cross as a voluntary act." The cross is the instrument of death, but it brings a fuller revelation to our hearts and lives than that of any other agency in His economy.

If we would know fellowship in the future, we must know it now. We must know the cross in its two fold teaching; not only sins forgiven, but, on-the other side, joy: agony -- but joy. Embrace it; hang on to it; cruel and bitter though it is; for joy and a sensing of God, as never before, will follow.

Various Crosses

Your cross and my cross will vary according to the disposition, and the calling of our lives, so we don't have the same in that sense, but everyone will have one. Why? Because in God's economy and purpose for us, He knows the pattern, the situation, the episode that will perfectly crucify our old flesh.
So He says: "Will you voluntarily take it? You pick it up. You know what My cross did for Me. It was the place of My execution; it was the place where I died; now, you take yours. It will be the place of the execution of the creature that you are; it will slay you. I don't lay it upon you; I want you to voluntarily take it up, for then your identification with Me will be what I want -- a voluntary love and surrender."

Always A Cross

So, He will bring a cross to you; it may take different shapes and forms, but it is always a cross. I can't interpret your cross; nobody but you can. So when God brings it, don't be amazed, upset, and confused. He says, "Take it up:' For if you take up your cross; this decision, this consideration, this surrender; if you take that up into your life pattern and walk, you will have a crown over there. Because the sequel, the answer, to a cross is a crown. And there is no crown without a cross, because every cross, if borne, will take a crown.

Be willing for the crucifixion, because it is the author of LIFE.

Your cross is your crown in disguise.

John Follette (1883-1966) - John Wright Follette was a man who intimately knew God.  He was a gifted Bible teacher and author.

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