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Some years ago a Christian walking along a London street passed a Roman Catholic Chapel. Outside the Chapel was a billboard to which was pasted a poster intimating the title of a popular lecture to be given inside. The title took the form of a question and the question was this: "What is the Roman Catholic Church" In her bag the lady had a red pencil and taking the pencil in her hand she printed in large letters on the white background of the poster this reply to its inquiry: "The scarlet woman of the Book of Revelation".
Now was she right Before we answer that question lets try and make an observation. The observation is this, that in the opening book of the NT the Lord Jesus states His firm intention to found but ONE CHURCH, but in the closing book of the NT we are confronted with a picture of TWO CHURCHES. Do you see His words in Matthew 16:18, "I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it".
Then in (Rev 21:2) we read "I John saw the holy city new Jerusalem coming down from God out of heaven prepared as a bride adorned for her husband".
That is the one side of it. The other side is found in this very chapter. ONE CHURCH at the commencement of Church History. TWO CHURCHES at the close of Church History. Such is the pattern of things as set forth in the Word of God. From this we deduce that one of the major marks of the last days will be the emergence in addition to the True Church of a pseudo-church of universal dimensions. Now is there on the historical horizon any sign of the appearance of such a FALSE CHURCH Well, in 1986 the Pope was reported to be planning for the next millennium. Francis Qumley, the BBC Roman Catholic advisor analysed one of his messages like this, "The Pope is looking toward unity in the year 2000. The next millennium is going to be a millennium of Unity and he has chosen for it the strongest patron that he can think of and that is the Holy Spirit".
The Pope now calls Protestants "separated brethren", his predecessors were wont rather to separate the brethren's head from their bodies.
Now when we think of a coming world church we think of the word Ecumenical and World Council. The leaders of the W.C.C. believe the 16th century Reformation was a great sin, which they in the 20th century must repent of. The W.C.C. always looked on Rome as a Christian Church and has always sought fellowship with her. The Ecumenical clerics at first sought to get Rome to join the W.C.C. now they are seeking to get the W.C.C. to join Rome. Its a sad day when leaders of the main line denominations are climbing aboard "The Rome Express", all eager to kiss the Pope's feet. Now perhaps you're saying, "Well what has all this to do with Rev chapter 17?". A great deal for there is brought before us here, THE DOOM OF THE SCARLET WOMAN!
Indeed Revelation (ch 17 & 18) deal with the whole question of Babylon. Now keep in mind that Babylon is both a CITY (17:18) and a SYSTEM. In this chapter we have the BABYLONISH SYSTEM in the next chapter we have the BABYLONISH CITY.
Dr. S. Franklin Logsdon writes, "The Babylon matter is comprehended within three designations: HISTORICAL Babylon in (Gen 11) ECCLESIASTICAL Babylon in(Rev 17) and POLITICAL Babylon in (Rev 18)
Historical Babylon is symbolised by a Monumental Tower:
Ecclesiastical Babylon by a Mystical Woman:
Political Babylon by a Mighty City.
The proposal of the first was a common language: of the second a common worship: and of the third a common privilege... One speech, one church, one society". Now look at (17:1) and see how John sets the scene. He talks here about:
THE JUDGMENT (1:1) Incidentally, three times John is bidden to "Come hither", there is the Vision in Heaven (4:1). There is the Judgment of the Great Whore (17:1) and there is the Bride, the Lambs wife (21:9).
So this is a Judgment.
THE JUDGMENT OF THE GREAT WHORE: The worst name a woman can be called is a whore. Who is this Is this a person Is this a PARTY of some kind Or is this a SYSTEM of some kind
THE JUDGMENT OF THE GREAT WHORE THAT SITTETH UPON MANY WATERS: The language is symbolical. What did the angel mean (17:15) Note please the "s" at peoples and multitudes and nations and tongues. That would indicate that this is not a PERSON. Well, WHO or WHAT is this
(17:5) My, this is a God hating: Bloodshedding: Gold-loving prostitute called "Mystery Babylon". Now lets have a closer look at her.
Look at (17:5) Now there are several thing stated about this woman and the religious system she represents. Notice for example:
Look at (17:2) This scarlet woman has one master craving... power! To get that power she has abandoned every principle. She will do anything for power. Do the Kings of the Earth have power She will court them: cajole them: command them! Do the masses of the earth have power She will intoxicate them with her filthy brews and filch that power from them while they are drunk. She must have UNIVERSAL POWER! Her name is Babylon. Her home is the city of the seven hills (17:9, 18) which is ROME. Here is an apostate religious system linked with Rome and for centuries this Roman System has exerted POWER! Sometimes she has ruled the nations with an IRON HAND, sometimes she has guided affairs with a VELVET GLOVE. Sometimes her power has waned beneath the hammer blows of Renaissance: Reformation Revival but ever Rome has sought after POWER!
Illus.: Lecky the historian has aptly summed her up: "In the Minority a Lamb: in Equality a Fox: In Power a Tiger".
Today, Rome is in an Ecumenical mood wooing the apostate liberal Protestant Church making overtures to the separated religious Orthodox Church of the East but in a coming day she will resume her mantle of power. Look not her only at (a) look at:
(17:3) Now who is the beast (Rev 13:1) Now its obvious that the beast in (ch 17) and the beast in (ch 13) are one and the same. Look at (13:5) You see this scarlet beast represents the final stage of Gentile World Power headed up by an individual the beast, the Antichrist himself. And for a brief time this apostate religious system seems to achieve its heart desire. The woman sits astride the beast with everything seemingly under control. So you can see
(17:4) It is Rome's wealth that dazzles the Kings of the earth and makes them dance to her tune. The total wealth of the R.C. Church worldwide is estimated to be in excess of 70 Billion Dollars! Other churches are wealthy but Rome exceeds them all. The Vatican is an International Financial Power. It has extensive holdings in Hotels: Transportation: Companies and Industry. Its assets are protected by a small army of financially expert Jesuit priests. Are you beginning to get a picture of this woman Can you see her (a) (b) (c)
For John says, "Having a... fornications" (17:4). The word "abomination" in Scripture is a common name for idols and idolatrous worship is never far removed from all kinds of immorality.
Ills: When Father Chiniquy, a most successful R.C. priest was a young vicar, he was greatly troubled by the evils of the church and he took his doubts and disillusionments to his superior. Turning to the young priest his superior said, "When Satan tries to shake your faith by the scandals you see, remember that more than twelve popes have been raised to that high and holy dignity by the rich and influential prostitutes of Rome with whom they were publicly living in the most scandalous way. Remember that young illegitimate child John the eleventh, the son of Pope Sergius, who was consecrated Pope when only twelve years old, by the influence of his prostitute mother, Marosia, who was so horribly profligate that he was desposed by the people and clergy of Rome".
Then the old priest concluded his remarks to Chiniquy with these words, "If our Holy Church has been able to pass through such storms without perishing is it not living proof that Christ is her pilot: that she is imperishable and infallible because St. Peter is her foundation".
Now look at (17:5) and notice:
(17:5) Now this title, "Babylon the Great" is not a reference to Babylon as a city or to Babylonia as a nation, this is a religious designation, in other words the woman corresponds religiously to what Babylon was religiously. She is further described as "The mother of harlots... earth". You see all the pagan rites of Babylon filtered into Roman Catholicism from which Protestantism separated itself. But what was Babylon like religiously Let's go back to (Gen 10:8) and note:
Another translation puts it like this: "And Cush begat Nimrod the rebellious panther and he began to be a mighty rebel, and arrogant tyrant defiant before the face of the Lord". Nimrod means "rebel". This man wants to head a great confederacy in open revolt against God. Where is this rebellion taking place (Gen 10:10) Babel, originally it meant "the gate of God", later to came to mean "confusion". Now (Gen 10:10) is the key to the first eleven verses of (ch 11) where there is brought before us the Tower of Babel a project that was sponsored by Nimrod.
WHERE did this building occur (Gen 11:2)
WHAT did this building signify(Gen 11:4)
They wanted POLITICAL UNITY (City)and RELIGIOUS UNITY (Tower) Actually (11:4) reads like this, "whose top is like unto the heavens".
The idea was to build a tower topped by the heavens that is by the signs of the zodiac. Did you ever go inside a Temple and look at the dome of it And you could see the sun: stars: planets. Do you know it came down from Babylon
This is what Nimrod and his followers did. They had made this Tower and Temple for their NEW RELIGION, this gateway to heaven but God was not in all their thoughts.
Look at God's reaction! (Gen 11:5-8) I want you to see this scattering because this Babylonish Religion permeated every part of the world! This was the start of Satan'c church and it began with Nimrod and he was building a Temple and he was going to make a new way back to God and idolatry was introduced. I trust that you know My, that there is no gateway to God outside of Christ. He Himself said, "I am the... way,...". (Jn 14:6) (1) but think of
You see secular history tells us that Nimrod married a woman who was as evil and demonic as himself. Her name was SEMERIMUS. Knowing God's promise of a future Saviour SEMERIMUS claimed that TAMMUZ her first son fulfilled this prophecy. She thereupon instituted a RELIGIOUS SYSTEM which made both and her son the objects of Divine Worship. Now the symbol of this SEMERIMUS and TAMMUZ religion was a figure of a mother holding a child in her arms.
Thus began the Mother-Child cult which later spread all over the world. My, do you know what
Was I will tell you.
That SEMERIMUS herself was the way to God. She adopted the title, "Queen of Heaven". Does that sound familar
That she alone could administer salvation to the sinner through various sacraments such as the sprinkling of holy water
That her son TAMMUZ was slain by a wild boar during a hunting trip.
That he was RESURRECTED from the dead 40 days later. And each year after this the temple virgins of this cult would enter a 40 day fast as a memorial to Tammuz death and resurrection.
After the 40 day fast, a joyful feast called ISHTAR took place. At this feast coloured eggs were exchanged and eaten as a symbol of the resurrection. An evergreen was displayed and a YULE LOG was burned. Finally, hot cakes marked with the letter T were baked and eaten. Indeed I'am told that from the moment of this child's birth every Babylonian had to wear a gold chain around his neck displaying the letter T. Some folk have changed it to a Cross but it originated in Babylon.
Now its very interesting to notice that both Ezekiel and Jeremiah warned against this hellish thing. (Ezekiel 8:1-5) You can see here in the Jewish Temple they had an old plaster cast of an image. (8:6 Jer 7:17-20 44:25) But look at Daniel: (Dan 5:13-16) Note two phrases "Chain of gold" and "clothed with scarlet".
Now WHERE was Daniel here In BABYLON! On Civic occasions you'll know that the Lord Mayor wears a Scarlet Robe and has a chain about his neck I wonder does he know that it came from Babylon Then the R.C. Catholic Cardinals were scarlet robes and they have a chain around their neck with a cross on it and the Cross should be a T. Fr this Babylonish religion began with Nimrod and Semerimus and Tammuz then they were scattered abroad. Are you beginning to see the whole thing a little clearer now
My, by the time of the Lord Jesus this CULT had so influenced Roman life that the Caesars were not only crowned as Emperors of Rome but also bore the title Pontifex Maximus meaning "HIGH PRIEST". They were HIGH PRIESTS of the Babylonian Satanic church. There was a union of Church and State! Consequently when Constantine made Christianity the state religion of Rome (306 AD) he brought Babylonianism into Christendom and it has continued to this day under the leadership of a man who bears the title PONTIFEX MAXIMUS the Pope himself. My, every leading feature of Romanism can be traced to the Babylonian Religion that God CURSED and called CONFUSION in (Gen 10) Now lets go back to (Rev 17) and note:
(17:6) When you come to the martyrs of Jesus we are in N.T. times. Judaism put to death some of the followers of Jesus. (Stephen, James) What about Communism They have been guilty of foul crimes against the people of God, but they have not been drunken with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus! You see if ever you were in doubt about the identity of this woman here it is.
There IS ONE SYSTEM ON THE FACE OF THIS EARTH that has been drunken with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus and that is the R.C. system.
Ills: Lecky the historian in his "Rationalism in Europe" charges Romanism with being responsible for the deaths of more innocent people than other institution in history, some 50 million in all. The atrocities wreaked upon God's people by Rome fill whole books of history.
And if the Protestants Cleric's in our land have forgotten what this pagan Roman church did to thousands yes, to millions of saints of God I can tell you that God has not forgotten and God will judge this system in the Tribulation. So we note (1)
For the beast of (ch 17) is the Antichrist, the man of sin, the false messiah who will appear as the world's last dictator. Now John tell us several things about him here.
Look at (17:8) Now to get this properly established in our minds lets go back to (13:1-4) You see all of this will be a Satanic counterfeit of the death and ressurection of the Lord Jesus. The devil has always wanted to be like God and this will make him seem even more powerful. Indeed another translation of
(17:8) says this, "He ascended by the aid of the pit".
The power of this man and his empire is Satanic in its origin. (13:4) But look at:
According to (17:8) he comes to DECEIVE THE LOST, according to (17:14) he comes to DEFY THE LAMB. Do you recall that Paul writing of the beast, the man of sin tell us that his coming will be "with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish, because they receieved not the love of the truth that they might be saved" (2 Thes 2:10-12). He will deceive the lost and he will defy the Lamb for this MONSTER has one infatuation, one phobia, and that is to strike at the Lamb! My, this beast will strut across the stage of human history as a great king, but against him will come the Lamb, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Look at
(14:9) History knows of only one city which is so designated. It is ROME called the "lofty city of seven peaks". I wonder have we got a hint here as to the headquarters of the United States of Europe The City of Seven Hills! Its worth remembering that the EEC came into being in 1957 with the signing of "The Treaty of Rome". Once Rome ruled Europe and one day Rome will rule Europe again. Look at:
(17:10-11) Five Roman Emperors had already died when John was alive on the isle of Patmos. This says that there will be seven, and five are fallen. One was alive and in power and one was coming after a short space of time. This last Emperor is the Antichrist, the beast of (Rev ch 17) He had not come in John's life but he will come in the future. He is the one that is apparently killed and then raised to life. So he appears as the seventh king, then is supposedly slain, but is raised to life again to rule as the eighth king! Look at:
(17:12-13) My, the Antichrist is going to rule a revived Roman Empire made up of the nations of Europe. These men will be kings over their own countries, but will submit to the beast internationally pledging to work with him and support him! Is'nt it amazing that what John saw at the end of the first century is now being fulfiled at the end of the twentieth century A revived Roman Empire seems to be in embryo form in the EEC This very night they're discussing European Monetary Union and although they are bickering and fighting about it, in God's time a man will arise who will unify the nations and to him the nations will yield. Look at the closing section and note:
You see for a while the whore will DOMINATE the beast, but then the beast probably in the middle of Daniels seventieth week (Dan 9:27) will turn and destroy the whore! My, Rome has burned millions of God's saints but she in turn will be burned with fire. Look at (17:16-18) and notice:
We read "These shall hate the whore" (17:16). The honeymoon between the scarlet woman and the kings of te earth will not last. The Antichrist will use her the way a man uses a prostitute and when he no longer needs her he will reject her.
For they "shall make her desolate". (17:16) They rob her of her wealth: influence. My, everything that belonged to the false church will now belong to the Antichrist.
For they "make her naked". All the secret scandals of the Roman Church will be exposed.
For they "shall eat her flesh". The Roman system will cease to exist and the kings of the earth will feed their hungers upon all that made her what she was.
For they "burn her with fire". And when they have finished with her the Roman system will be no more.
But did you notice (17:17) God will use the devil's axe to cut off the devil's head!
Let me close with three words in (17:14) "Called, and chosen and faithful". There is something
EVANGELICAL here:We were called out of darkness... light. There is
...FUNDAMENTAL here: I was chosen in Christ before the foundation... PRACTICAL here". faithful" are you faithful Are you faithful to Gods Word
Or are you supporting the E.M. with your finances: feet: fellowship Are you faithful to your family Do you pray for them Do you warn them of the Lord's Return
Ills: J.Ritchie spoke to me last week and told me that the ecku is already circulating. Do you what image they have printed on the coin. The woman riding the beast! We're almost there!
My, "The coming of the Lord draweth nigh."

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