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Text Sermons : Thomas Brooks : A precious commodity in hell

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Most men spend the greatest part of their time
on things that are that are of little or no value;
as Domitian, the Roman emperor, who spent his
time in catching of flies.

Make a speedy and a thorough improvement of all
opportunities of grace and mercy. Do not trifle
away your golden seasons. You have much
work to do in a short time. You have . . .
a God to honor,
a race to run,
a crown to win,
a hell to escape,
a heaven to obtain,
weak graces to strengthen,
strong corruptions to weaken,
many temptations to withstand,
afflictions to bear,
many mercies to improve,
and many services to perform, etc.

He who neglects a golden opportunity, does
but create to himself a great deal of misery.

"Time," says Bernard, "would be a precious
commodity in hell, and the use of it most
gainful; where for one day a man would give
ten thousand worlds if he had them."

When men trifle away their precious time, and golden
opportunities, playing and toying with this vanity
and that vanity; we may ask whether these men
have—no Christ, no Scripture, no promises, no
blessed experiences, no hopes of heavenly glories
—to enjoy and take delight in?

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