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Text Sermons : Thomas Brooks : A dumb devil

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Among all God's children, there is not one possessed
with a dumb devil. Prayerless people are . . .
forsaken of God,
blinded by Satan,
hardened in sin,
and every breath they draw, are liable to all
temporal, spiritual, and eternal judgments.

Prayer is that part of natural worship due to
God, which none will deny but stark atheists.

I have read of a man who, being sick, and afraid of
death, fell to praying. And to move God to hear him,
told him "that he had never troubled Him with his
prayers before; and if He would but hear him at that
time, he would never trouble Him again." This world is
full of such profane, blasphemous, atheistical wretches.

Certainly prayerless people are graceless people.

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