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Text Sermons : Thomas Brooks : A sad story of a woman named Bochna

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I have read a sad story of a woman named Bochna,
who had but two sons in all the world. One day, when she
was walking with the one son by the river, she heard the
other cry out, and hastening to him, she found a knife
sticking in his side, which killed him immediately. Then
she made haste back to the other child—but in her
absence, he had fallen into the river and drowned—
and so she lost both her sons at once!

Now, this is your very case. Everyone of you have two
children, as I may say—a soul and a body—an eternal
life and a temporal life; and oh, what a dreadful and
unspeakable loss would it be to lose both these at once!
And yet, as certain as there is a God in heaven, you will
lose them both without holiness.

"Without holiness no one will see the Lord." Heb. 12:14

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