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Text Sermons : Thomas Brooks : A great degree of holiness

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The more a man conflicts with heart sins, with spiritual
sins, with invisible sins¬ówith sins which lie most hidden
and obscure from the eyes of the world¬óand the more
spiritual victories and conquests a man obtains over
them¬óthe greater measure of holiness that person has
certainly attained to.

A little grace, a little holiness, will work a man to conflict
with gross sins,
with outward sins,
with bodily sins,
with open sins, which everyone may set their eyes on.

Yes, where there is no grace, no holiness at all,
the light of nature,
the common convictions of the Spirit,
the laws of men,
the eyes of men,
the threats of men,
the examples of men,
the smarting rod, or
a good education,
may work men to conflict with such sins.

Oh, but when all the strength and might of the
soul is engaged against those very sins that lie
not within the sight or reach of the most sharp
and piercing men in the world¬óbut in the heart,
and about the heart, and are only obvious to
God's omniscient eye¬óthis argues a great
degree of holiness.

When the heart rises with all its
strength and might against . . .
secret pride,
secret self-love,
secret bubblings of lusts,
secret carnal confidence,
secret murmuring,
secret hypocrisy,
secret envy,
secret self-applause,
secret malice,
secret hatred,
secret snares,
secret temptations, etc.,
it is an evidence that holiness has grown
up to some considerable height there!
It is not an easy thing, to overcome those flaming
lusts and corruptions which are in our own hearts.
Only grace, only holiness, can enable us to
overcome our lusts¬óour heart lusts.

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