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MEMORISE: ‘And whosoever was not found written Inn the book of life was cast into the take of fire.’ (Rev 20:15)
READ: Revelation 20:11-15

Several earth-shattering events have come and gone in quick succession. Now the stage is set. It is the Great White Throne Judgement Day, presided over by Almighty God himself. All who have ever lived must now face the eternal consequences of their lives on earth. One after another, names are called. As the person proceeds to the podium, the video recording of his or her life is relayed (played) right from birth till death on a large screen. Every secret deed is revealed, with their hidden motives before all. After the past is relayed, judgement falls from the Almighty and the culprit is led into the lake of fire-his or her final eternal abode.

Everyone quakes as they stand in queues, awaiting their turn. It is such a serene sight but charged with fear and the worst emotions possible. It is a place of leveling, where presidents, kings, governors; captains of industry, security agents; the rich, the poor, the old and the young; both sexes and people from all races, tribes, languages, cultures and colours; educated and illiterate people, all gather and stand before the Almighty as equals, having lost the basis of differentiation back on earth.

Here they pray, cry, appeal and wish they could reverse the order of things, but it is too late. Each dreads the torture of watching a wicked past, before being sentenced to the eternal fire. Then there is another set of people, clothed in white robes. These are those who were washed by the blood of Jesus in their lifetime and continued living to please him as their Master, until they died or were eventually raptured by him. They are not being judged at this judgement, but stand as judges themselves. Their hearts quake in sorrow to see the billions of lost people from all nations.

Before long, some in the queues see the saints they knew on earth and begin to curse, rant and swear at them. ‘You so and so, you knew how to prevent me from ending up like this, yet you never told me? Even if you told me and I refused, why did you not force me? I spent my money on you. I married you. We were the best friend. You knew the way out, yet you kept it from me. I will hate you forever! Every second I burn in eternal hell will be spent in cursing the day I met you.’ What an unending enmity! You can do something about this now!

Draw up a list of 100 loved ones, friend, colleagues and neighbours yet unsaved. Devise a plan to reach out to them.

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