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THE ONE THING THAT marks out a true man of God is not that he holds a particular doctrine - but rather that he does not seek his own. Paul says in Phil. 2:19-21 that most of his co-workers were still seeking their own, and that therefore he could not send them to Philippi. Timothy however was a glorious exception. Paul's co-workers had all their doctrines perfectly right, no doubt. Yet they sought their own. They may even have considered themselves righteous and spiritually superior to others around them. Yet Paul could see through the shallowness of their 'righteousness'. The same situation persists today. The one thing that all truly great men of God have had in common, through the centuries of Christian history, is this: that they did not seek their own. It is not the finer points of doctrine that made them men of God, but rather this one common factor - that they did not seek their own. Some may not have had as accurate an understanding of the truth as we have. But their spirituality lay in the fact that they selflessly sought the kingdom of God, according to the light that they had, in their day and generation.
We should read and be challenged by biographies of men like Hudson Taylor, C. T. Studd, David Brainerd, William Carey, William Booth, Jim Elliot etc. to move out of our self-centred, family-centred, comfort loving, materialistic Christianity, into a life of devotion to Christ. If we walk in the light and seek to discover the self-centredness that defiles most of our actions and decisions, and judge ourselves ruthlessly in those areas, then little by little we shall see this giant overcome and slain. Jesus once told Peter that he was expressing Satan's thoughts, soon after telling him about the building of the church. The church that the gates of Hades cannot overcome is a church that is built on those who seek God's interests and not their own.

Zac Poonen - Bro. Zac Poonen was formerly an Indian Naval Officer who has been serving the Lord in India for the past 40 years as a Bible-teacher and elder having responsibility for a number of churches.

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