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THE VERSATILITY OF PAUL is amazing. To the Thessalonians the very same man who stormed down the road to Damascus is "as gentle as a nurse"; to the Romans he reveals the brilliance of his legal mind; and to the Corinthians he is "a wise master builder." But to Timothy, Paul is "a soldier of Jesus Christ." Years later the famed English cricketer, C.T. Studd, who deserted the playing field for the battlefield of world evangelism, used to twit folk about being what he called "chocolate soldiers." In his "Quaint Rhymes of a Quondam Cricketer," he has this ditty:

Get up, get up for Jesus, ye soldiers of the Cross, A lazy Sunday morning surely means harm and loss; The Church of God is calling; in duty be not slack; You cannot fight the good fight while lying on your back.
Let's face it: We are not living in a day of militant Christianity. The very suggestion throws many into a spiritual pout, for they believe the Lord did all the fighting. (Appalling philosophy!) They glibly tell me,"The battle has already been won at Calvary." Christ did win, but that does not eliminate human responsibility. We are slackers, and as far as I can discern, at the judgment seat of Christ there will be no medals for slackers. Dear reader, do you and I realize that we are just one heartbeat from a fixed state of reward, be it of joy or shame?

Prayer is battle. Could it be that in our churches the right slogan over the door of most of our prayer rooms would be "We Wrestle Not?” Prayer taxes even the physical frame; prayer wears on the nerves; prayer involves the whole man. Prayer must have priority. Prayer must be our bolt to lock up the night, our key to open the day. Prayer is power. Prayer is wealth. Prayer is health of the soul.

?Leonard Ravenhill (1907-1994) - Preached in America for revival until his death. One of the foremost authorities on revival in the 20th century, namely with the book “Why Revival Tarries.”

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