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Text Sermons : ~Other Speakers M-R : Old Paths Magazine - Issue 12 : Shall the Lofty One Prevail? by Evan Roberts

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We are in the day in which evil deceiving spirits are manifesting their perverting doctrines, is, according to all evidences at our disposal, more than apparent; the evidences are more than adequate, they are overwhelming. The facts reveal the awful activity of the evil forces; the awful bondage of the Church; and the diminishing of the power of the Divine life in the Church as a consequence of such erroneous teaching, which leads into evil practice of such enormity resulting in an evil state of inaction and of sin.

To meet such an army has God no weapons, no warriors from the nobles, and from the people? Is God at rest and satisfied? Should the Church be tranquil? Is there no need for a Divine protest? Is heaven silent in face of this demoralising onslaught? Has the Church no right and no power to cry aloud, “ease me of mine adversaries?“ Legion is but a small fragment of this army of fighting spirits. If God wills the onrush to be checked, has He no plan?

Does a Church groveling in lies please the Author of holiness? Does a Church enslaved to the devil by lies please Him of whom Paul wrote of the necessity of bringing every thought into bondage to Him. Which bonds shall prevail? The Divine or the Satanic? Let the Church declare for the Divine, and cry out aloud and long that all the Divine forces, all the angelic forces, all the human forces, all the forces of creation, yea, every force that exists, be set in an impregnable phalanx against all the forces of hell. Let these move on, mowing them down with each giving and advancing step, as the mower does the standing hay, leaving nothing to them but a thorough defeat, glorious to the victors, but an eternal open shame to the vanquished. But who will join in the battle? Who has a conquering sword, and a stout fearless heart? LET HIM COME. Where is he whose heart is aflame for truth? Let him be foremost, leading on the front rank.
?Evan Roberts (1878-1951) - Evan Roberts was the leading figure of the 1904 Welsh Revival. Was used mightily of God to lead the entire land of Wales to God.

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