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IN EVERY GENERATION GOD HAS had a remnant that strived to restore true Christianity according to the Apostolic pattern. 17th century Germany was the home of just such a people known as the Pietist. The Pietist yearned and prayed to see the Church restored to Her original purity and power.

The vision and dreams of these earnest Christians founds a prophetic voice in the ministry of Philip Jacob Spener. Spener, considered the father of pietism, was a man of both vision and practical direction. Over 300 years ago Spener had a good understanding of the churches needs, and how to mend them. Concepts that are today considered new and innovative in many Christian circles were laid out long ago by the old German prophet. ??Philip Jacob Spener, like most 17th century pietist, was a Lutheran. Spener had become deeply concerned that the teachings of Luther had produced a church only half reformed. Germany was filled with professing Christians who had been instructed in the academics of salvation by faith, but yet lacked the holy fruit of faith. Spener saw that many were void of any trace of loving fear and devotion for the Lord Jesus. A spirit of presumption had come into the church, causing many to take the grace of God for granted.

Spener was also a bold advocate of the Lutheran doctrine of the priesthood of the believer. Pietist felt that laymen had not been given sufficient opportunities in the Church. In the home meetings all believers were allowed to express their heart and ask questions. Spener taught that, “believers are not passive in spiritual matters, but have a responsibility for building one another up in the faith.” As a result of Spener’s revival efforts, he was severely maligned and persecuted. He was literally driven across Germany. As Spener fled from city to city new house churches sprang up, reviving the dry and formal Lutheran church.

David Smithers - A Church historian that has a passion to see revival that will send out missionaries in this generation. Founded a ministry where you can access his writings.

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