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IN JAMES 5:10 WE ARE EXHORTED to ¬ďtake the prophets for an example¬Ē. A careful study of the ¬ďHoly Men of Old¬Ē can kindle both the fires of self-sacrifice and prayerful devotion. However, prophetic examples are not confined only to the pages of the Scriptures. Though often neglected, maligned and forgotten, God¬ís prophetic torches have always burned throughout the history of the Church. One such burning prophet was Girolamo Savonarola. Through his tears, prayers and passionate preaching, the seeds of reformation and revival took root in Italy.

Born in Ferrara, Italy, September 14, 1452, Savonarola was the third in a family of seven children - five sons and two daughters. As a boy his devotion and fervor increased as he spent many hours in prayer and fasting. At times he would kneel in church for many hours engaged in earnest prayer. He was very contemplative, and his soul was deeply wounded by the sin and worldliness he saw all around him.

One day, he saw a vision of the heavens opened, and all the future calamities of the Church passed before his eyes. He then heard God’s voice charging him to warn the people. From that moment he was convinced of his prophetic calling, and he was suddenly filled with a new unction and power. His preaching was now with a voice of thunder, and his rebukes against sin were so terrific that the people who listened to him sometimes went about the streets half-dazed, bewildered, and speechless. His listeners were often so overcome with tears that the whole church echoed with the sounds of sobbing and weeping. Workmen, poets and philosophers, all would burst into tears under his passionate preaching. Often he was so completely gripped by the power of the Holy Spirit that he would be forced to retire to a secluded place. The life of Savonarola exemplifies many precious qualities that our fainthearted and distracted age so desperately needs. We are barren and deficient in prayer, patience, purity and most importantly a sacrificial love for Jesus. Until we as the body of Christ return to these holy principles, true reformation and revival will not be realized; Oh Lord break our hearts and open our eyes!

David Smithers - A Church historian that has a passion to see revival that will send out missionaries in this generation. Founded a ministry where you can access his writings.

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