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Text Sermons : F.B. Meyer : (4.) Gal_2:20 : "Christ liveth in me."

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One day when traveling by train, a young man sat opposite me in the car, reading Thomas a Kempis' "Imitation of Christ." I knew the book, and sat beside him and said:
"A grand book."
He said: "Yes."
Said I: "I have found something better." "Better?"
"Better for me, because I was always a poor hand at imitation. I imitated the minister with whom I settled from college, and nobody but myself and my wife ever guessed that my sermons were imitations of his. When I was a boy, my father had me taught drawing, and my master put before me something, and my copy needed to have letterpress underneath to state it was an imitation of the copy. And when I sat down to imitate Christ, no one could have guessed what I was trying to attain. But," said I, "my young friend, if my drawing-master could have infused the spirit of his skill into my brain and hand, he could have drawn through me as fair a drawing as his own; and if my great and noble friend could have only put his spirit into me, why should I not have spoken even as he? And if instead of imitating Christ far away in the glory, He will come by the Holy Ghost and dwell in me, by His grace He shall work through my poor yielded life, a life something like His own fair life." Christ liveth in me.
Many have no idea what religion is. Religion, religo, a Latin word meaning "I bind,"--it is the binding of the heart to the Lord. :No, I recall that; it is better: "He that is joined to the Lord is one spirit." O Christ, Thou art one with me, to make me one with Thee world without end!

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