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Text Sermons : Zac Poonen : Receiving All Of God's Children

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We must have as many brothers and sisters as God has children.

We should wholeheartedly welcome and receive all whom God Himself has received (Rom. 14:1; 15:7). If Jesus is not ashamed to call someone His brother, we shouldn't be ashamed either (Heb. 2:11).

There are two extremes to which believers can go, in this matter of fellowship. One is to compromise truth itself in order to maintain fellowship. The other is to demand uniformity in all matters before fellowship is offered. If you are wise, you'll steer clear of both these extremes.

It's obvious that we can't work together with those who are not agreed as to how God's work is to be done. But we don't have to demand that someone believes exactly as we do, down to the last little detail, before we have fellowship with him. There is a difference between working together with someone and having fellowship with him.

However, you must look for a church in your locality, that can be a spiritual home for you, and to which you can be committed.

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