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Text Sermons : Watchman Nee : PRINCIPLES OF WARFARE.

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The whole armour on. (Ephes. vi. 10-18.)

Knowing how to watch. (Matt. xxvi. 41.)

Knowing how to DEFEND, as well as how to ATTACK: to (1) stand, (2) withstand, and (3) resist.

Fight (or pray) from principle¬óin cold blood, and irrespective of an apparent flow, because opposition of Powers of Darkness may account for lack of flow.

A need seen is a call to prayer; we must not wait for burdens or feelings, or we may get spurious ones.

KNOWLEDGE GOVERNS PRAYER (1 Cor. xiv. 15). Lack of knowledge means unintelligent and less effectual warfare. If there is no knowledge prayer must be made for knowledge, (or more knowledge, as the case may be).

As the warfare means great strains at times, these must be protective prayer, asking for (1) strength, (2) vision (not visions), and (3) knowledge; all for prayer.

Recognize that there is a difference between Satan and his works, temptations and wiles, the strong man and his goods, and deal with each as such.

Guard against indirect attacks of Satan¬óoften the most violent, and often through your nearest and dearest.

Guard against (1) wrong motives, (2) indefinite prayer, (3) spasmodic prayer, (4) anxiety in prayer, (5) impatience in prayer, (6) being over-burdened in prayer (gauge your capacity), (7) fainting by the way, (8) false fighting (evil burdens, wasting strength), (9) wrong use of weapons, (10) misjudging by appearances.

We must be willing to pay the price of victory in the deliverance of others; have no preconceptions as to how God will work; watch every opportunity to co-operate with God as a means of answering our prayers; and walk softly, for great victory is a time of great danger, as the devil is then scheming to rob you of your victory.

* Neither time, place nor season are exempt from the attacks of Satan and his host¬ówhich, in itself, is a call to arms.


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