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(Philpot, "The Subjection of All Things Under the Feet of Jesus")

"You crowned Him with glory and honor and put
all things under His feet. In putting all things
under Him, God left nothing that is not subject
to Him." Hebrews 2:7-8

See the sovereign supremacy of Jesus!

There may be circumstances in your earthly lot
which at this moment are peculiarly trying. You look
around and wonder how this or that circumstance will
terminate. At present it looks very dark--clouds and
mists hang over it, and you fear lest these clouds
may break, not in showers upon your head, but burst
forth in the lightning flash and the thunder stroke!

But all things are put in subjection under Christ's feet!
That which you dread cannot take place except by His
sovereign will--nor can it move any further except by
His supreme disposal. Then make yourself quiet. He will
not allow you to be harmed. That frowning providence
shall only execute His sovereign purposes, and it shall
be among those all things which, according to His
promise, shall work together for your good.

None of our trials come upon us by chance! They are
all appointed in weight and measure--are all designed
to fulfill a certain end. And however painful they may
at present be, yet they are intended for your good.

When the trial comes upon you, what a help it would
be for you if you could view it thus, "This trial is sent for
my good. It does not spring out of the dust. The Lord
Himself is the supreme disposer of it. It is very painful
to bear; but let me believe that He has appointed me
this peculiar trial, along with every other circumstance.
He will bring about His own will therein, and either
remove the trial, or give me patience under it, and
submission to it."

You may be afflicted by sickness. It is not by chance
that such or such sickness visits your body--that the Lord
sees fit to afflict head, heart, chest, liver, hand, foot, or
any other part of your body. All things are put in subjection
under Him, and He has not exempted sickness and disease!
Whatever you suffer in bodily disease, He appoints and
arranges it for your good. Be resigned to His holy and
almighty will.

All your afflictions are put under the feet of Jesus! You may
think at times how harshly you are dealt with--mourning, it
may be, under family bereavements, sorrowing after the loss
of your 'household treasures'--a beloved husband, wife, or
child. But O that you could bear in mind that all your
afflictions, be they what they may, are put under the feet
of Jesus, so that, so to speak, not one can crawl from under
His feet but by His permission--and, like scolded hounds, they
crawl again beneath them at a word of command from His lips!

Let us then hold fast this truth, for on it depends so
much of our comfort.

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