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Spurgeon, "Plain Directions to Those Who Would Be Saved from Sin"

"The ways of man are before the eyes of
the Lord; and he ponders all his goings."
Proverbs 5:21

God is everywhere present, at all times.

He has seen all your evil ways.

No night is so dark as to hide from His eyes.

No chamber so retired as to shut Him out.

He has even read your thoughts and imaginations.

He notes all and forgets nothing.

All things are ever present to Him.

The days of your youth and the years of your
manhood lie open before Him like a book.

If you could but realize that God is there, how
could you dare to sin before His very eyes?

Will you sin in God's presence?

Can you blaspheme Him to His face?

Will you disobey Him while His eyes are fixed upon you?

Remember that this God, who is everywhere,
and sees everything, is your Judge.

He is pure and holy and cannot bear iniquity.

He is angry with the wicked every day and
will surely visit them for their transgressions.

Every sinful act shall have its recompense of reward.

God is almighty. He has but to will it and the
strongest of us would be crushed more easily
than a moth.

There is no escaping from the Lord. Neither
the heights of Carmel nor the depths of
the sea could afford shelter for a fugitive
from the Lord. Neither can any resist Him,
for none have any power apart from Him.
You have heard His thunder, and trembled
at the bolts of His lightning. Behold how
dreadful is God in his wrath!

How dare you sin against a God so great!

Trifle not, for the Judge is at the door!

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