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(Winslow, "This God is Our God")

"For this God is our God forever and ever;
He will be our guide even to the end." Ps. 48:14

"The world passes away."

Everything here in this present world is changing.

"Life is like a painted dream,
Like the rapid summer stream,
Like the fleeting meteor's ray,
Like the shortest winter's day,
Like the fitful breeze that sighs,
Like the waning flame that dies,
Darting, dazzling on the eye,
Fading in eternity."

A rope of sand,
a spider's web,
a silken thread,
a passing shadow,
an ebbing wave,
are the most fitting and expressive emblems of
all things belonging to this present time's state.

The homes that sheltered us in childhood we leave.

The land which gave us birth we leave.

The loved ones who encircled our hearths pass away.

The friends of early years depart.

And the world that was so sunny, and life that was
so sweet, is all beclouded and embittered; the whole
scenery of existence changed into wintry gloom.

Such are the saddening, depressing
effects of life's vicissitudes.

But in the midst of all, "This God

All beings change but God.

All things change but heaven.

The evolutions of time revolve,
the events of earth go onward,
but He upon whom all things hang,
and by whom all events are shaped
and controlled, moves not.

"I, the Lord, do not change."

Our affairs may alter.

Our circumstances may change.

Our relations and friends may depart one by one.

Our souls in a single day pass through
many fluctuations of spiritual feeling.

But He who chose us to be His own, and who
has kept us to the present moment, is our
covenant God and Father forever and ever,
and will never throw us off and cast us away.

"For this God is our God forever and ever;
He will be our guide even to the end." Ps. 48:14

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