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(J. C. Philpot, "The Precepts of the Word of God")

All doctrine, all experience, all precept center, as one
grand harmonious whole, in the glorious Person of the
Son of God. From Him they all come; to Him they all flow.

Severed from Him . . .
doctrine is seen to be but a withered branch;
experience but a delusive dream;
precept but a legal service.

But His light enlightening, His life quickening, His power
attending the word of His grace--doctrine is seen to be
no longer doctrine dry and dead, but glorious truth;
experience to be not a mere matter of fluctuating feeling,
but a blessed reality, as the very kingdom of God set up
with a divine power in the heart; and obedience not a
legal duty, but a high, holy, and acceptable service.

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