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(John Angell James, "Christian Progress" 1853)

There are many who regard an increasing acquaintance
with the text of the Bible, as an evidence of growth in

Ask yourselves the solemn question. In proportion as
you store your minds with biblical texts and biblical
ideas--are you all the while seeking to have your
heart filled with biblical feelings, and your life with
biblical actions?

As you grow in acquaintance with the character of God--
do you reverence Him more? As your ideas brighten on the
person of Christ--do you love Him more? As you become
more acquainted with the perfection and spirituality of
God's Word--do you delight in it more? As you see more
clearly the evil of sin--do you hate it with a more intense

As your Biblical knowledge widens, do you become . . .
more profoundly humble,
more tenderly conscientious,
more gentle,
more spiritual?

Unless this is the case, you are in a fatal mistake by
supposing that you are making progress in the divine
life, merely because you are advancing in biblical

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