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An overcomer is one that comes over and not around the difficulty.

I want the theory that disciplines me most thoroughly, and demands of me all that it possibly can; not one that makes it all so easy that there is no overcoming necessary in me; that does not minister anything to me.

There is a time to resist evil; that makes us strong in faith. There is a time, though, when He says to resist not evil, because He has permitted it to teach us how to overcome.

You say, "I want to be a real strong Christian for the Lord! I want to be all God would have me to be, I want to be an overcomer for Him in this world!" The Lord says, "That's good, I'll accept you as a candidate." Well then what happens? He is going to send you to the school of the Spirit. He sends us to the school for our training and education. He does all that for our welfare, for our education, for our well-being. Now we have to learn to overcome. Well then, do I have to overcome something big? No, you have to overcome something small. The Holy Spirit takes you in hand and through a process of discipline and training and education you are going to learn to overcome. If you can't get the victory over something mundane, you need not worry about being a great overcomer and knowing the things of God and a deep relationship with Him.

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