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We go home under the overshadowing of His wings, and when the pressures come, remember that the overshadowing is where He works His miracle. It is not in the open. How shall these things be of bringing forth the Christ Child? How shall these things be that a new creation be birthed in us unto its fullness? It will be birthed under the shadow of the Almighty. Shadows are rather dark, but if Jesus puts us in the shadows, say, "Lord, work a miracle".

"In the beginning God." Now we don't know how many million years have gone by between that and the next verse in Genesis. We don't know. "In the beginning He created the heavens and the earth," but it "BECAME" a chaotic wreck through some cataclysm. "And the earth was (became) without form and void." (Gen. 1:2) We don't know what judgment ever came upon the earth to bring it to the chaos that God started with.

God doesn't start, and make crazy things. They become crazy, ugly, and disturbed through sin. He never makes a thing imperfect. What He does is perfect. He made, in the beginning, a perfect world; marvelous; beautiful; and some cataclysm, which He is not pleased to tell us, took place. I never snoop to find out; I keep my nose out of business that He doesn't want to talk to me about. I don't tease God. If God wants me to know some things, He will tell me.

The earth BECAME that chaotic mass; that great chasm; that terrifying chasm and darkness, through some judgment of God. Millions of ages passed, and there was an upheaval between the two forces of right and wrong; good and bad.

The sea is always the consuming, rasping, restless thing that would consume, but the earth becomes victorious. God blesses the EARTH. He brings the EARTH out of that chaotic mass. When He brings forth creation, the Word says the "Holy Spirit moved upon the deep". The Holy Spirit "BROODED" (in Hebrew) over the deep. It is the same word that carries the thought of incubation, and brings life. This brooding is like to a hen setting on her eggs. The Holy Spirit "BROODED" over the deep, and God's creative Word brought forth the glorious creation that we have through the power of the Spirit. This Holy Spirit has been brooding over this universe long before we had ihe world. The eternal urge of the Spirit, the consuming urge of the Spirit, is the pulse of God.

Even though God saves us, how many know He doesn't throw away the old nature. That's left intact, because He said, "Likewise reckon ye also yourselves to be dead indeed unto sin, but alive unto God through Jesus Christ our Lord." The fact that I am to reckon myself out of that old creation is evidence that it is still there. We don't have to live under its power. We have one personality, but we have two fields for its demonstration: (1) an old creation in which we can move if we want to; and (2) a brand new creation, and a new nature in which we may move. The old creation is still intact, but we have the victory of the Holy Spirit to keep identifying ourselves as a new creature in Christ Jesus, in\-dependent of the old creation, It's still there, however.

As to my new creation, He says, "Walk in newness of life; reckon; count yourself dead unto the old nature, even though it's still there." How many ever heard of a Christian stepping back into the old creation? If it isn't there, what did he step into? We don't have to step there; we don't have to live there. We have a new creation. How many ever have some haunting memories of what lived in that old creation? Even in the new creation, however, we aren't born complete in all its perfection. We are born with all the glorious potential

We are creatures of an entirely different world. Don't fuddle with this old person. This new creature is only built under the dynamic of the power of the Spirit.

Detach yourself from the thing you were, and attach yourself to the new creation.

The "mixed multitude" which tagged along with the Israelites out of Egypt, and murmured in the wilderness, represents all the entanglements that impede our progress in the Spirit, and should be dropping off.

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