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In this dispensation, the Holy Spirit brings us into a relationship with God as sons. We have an heavenly Father. In the Old Testament, He is never revealed as a Father, and we as His little children. When Jesus comes, He makes anew relationship with the Father, and now we are to be born of the Spirit into a new family relationship. Israel never was born of the Spirit. The new man is birthed on Calvary.

The new birth is birthing us into a new conscious contact with divine reality. It releases us from that old Adamic setup. We are launched into orbit; space; and how big is space? Don't try to answer! The Holy Spirit, Who brought this marvelous Truth, is the only One Who can reveal it, and interpret it. -- With all the background I have had, I have to sit down, and become a child, and say, "Lord, You have to tell me..." I find in the Word a continuity, a way, or thought, or a scheme. -- He is a wonderful God, but an heavenly Father. Jesus is a great Redeemer, but He says, "I am your Brother."

When it comes to salvation, we have to start with the knowledge of the Truth; then faith reaches out its hands, and takes that Truth from its mental processes, and "with the HEART man believeth".

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