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I don't always enjoy hymns and music used in some places. Some songs annoy me. They have a rhythm, and a tempo that is not in rhythm, and in gear with what I feel in my spirit, and it annoys me.

We have so few hymns going back to God. Most of them are salvation hymns.

There are three kinds of hymns:

1. Experience hymns center on self.
2. Prayer hymns are for something or someone.
3. Worship hymns are directed to Him.

He knows our limitations, but when the Spirit keeps moving, He makes one lovely song -- our songs, our singing seem very shallow as against the melodies, and the glory, and worship in heaven. Of course, it's very broken, and seems very shallow, but it's the best that we have. "Dear Lord, look on our hearts, and read them; receive from us what little we have."

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