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When God speaks the Word, it has two definite qualifies. It is authoritative, and it has creative power. The Word is quickened by the Spirit. Faith lays hold of, and wraps itself around that Word. It is our garrison of strength, and security for faith. Its creative power ministers to our faith and strengthens it.

When He speaks a Word, it has:

1. All the authority of heaven back of it.

2. It is creative.

A grain of faith always goes with the Word. When He gives the Word, He gives faith with it to encourage us.

I don't want a God that I understand. I have a God Whom I can trust where I can't understand. He keeps much in the background SO that "we walk by faith and not by sight." So I won't understand every last thing. If you would understand God perfectly, them would be no place for faith, and He wouldn't be God.

Truth has to pass the assent of the intellect, and has to come down to the heart. Anyone, who is truly converted to God, is intellectually converted first before his heart is truly converted, for the heart must have that before it is converted with faith. The heart; the whole emotional life, with the will, has taken hold of that Truth. My mind has grasped it long ago; my mind gave assent to it; then it goes to the spirit. It comes down into my inner being. Before the heart can reach out, it has to have an object. Faith demands an object which it can grasp.

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