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All the fields will be going into distortion -- music, philosophy, literature, everything. The enemy comes in to distort it -- the rhythm ,and beauty are gone. We see it in every field. The standards that maintained, and were good in their own fields, that all is undermined -- in the nations, in government, in schools, in family life. God will let it run on that mechanism until it will run out on that. It is antichrist contrasting against Christ; against Truth; and a spirit of lowliness: May we be able to discern, and distinguish between them.

People call the confusion and thunder in the nations today, a roar. It is a roar, but I hear God; I hear GOD; I HEAR GOD! When people are saying, "the roar" today, I hear the roar, but I also hear the voice of God, and He is speaking to those whose ears are attuned to Him, so they will not "think it strange." "What do you hear?" they ask. Well, you wouldn't believe what I hear, but I am not the only one. I have friends around the world, and I say to them, "Do you hear it, dear?" And they say, "Yes, it's an indication that it is God; it is God speaking; the movings of God." All some hear are the signs of the times, and the war, and some other things.

I feel that there is an invasion of God all the time. I feel it in the world; I feel like He is pushing in all the time. I feel that toward the end of this time, heaven is pushing toward the earth in its last struggle. I feel it in my spirit; that invasion; that push; that holy urge of God. Some spirits become conscious of it, and are quite overwhelmed with it. They should be. Others are not, and I am very charitable with them.


In these closing days, it seems we need Thee all the more, because we are conscious of the moving of the power of the enemy in every form that he can move in. He is pressing in upon us; he is pressing in upon the whole civilization in every field; the whole order. We are conscious of it. Lord, may we be hidden away in Thee continually, and able to partake o! Thee and Thy life and vision enough to stand; to please and satisfy Thee.

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