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He is a seeking God --seeking with a broken heart; not getting the response which He should have in the creature. We say our hearts get so hungry, but God's heart is so hungry. When did you give Him anything to satisfy Him? When did you feed Him? The first picture of His broken heart is found in Genesis 3:8-10, and the last one in Revelation 3:20. In Revelation He says, (to an individual; not to a collective group): "Behold, I stand at the door and knock; if any man hear My voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with Me. -- I won't coerce you; I won't open the door."

God is coming to that door saying, "Adam, where art thou?" He is saying the Same thing, because the same Adam is still dwelling in there; and, in that original thought of God for man, there is still a throbbing Heart longing that we would open to Him, "You were made for Me, and I for you. My heart is aching and longing for you." There will be a restoration of What was lost way back in the Garden; Jesus will restore it in any individual who wants that experience back again.

I asked the Lord about "sup with Him, and he with Me." He said, "I let them always offer to Me first, because I am a Guest, and I will sup with them using whatever they have to offer Me." We bring our resources; we lay it all before Him; we have sweet fellowship with Him, but our resources are soon exhausted. "I let them have the first privilege," our Lord says, "Then I supply Eternal Bread, Eternal Life; all that has eternal value."

What a time we have bringing our little crooked loaf of bread, scorched, and all out of shape. We nearly die trying to get it consecrated to the Lord, but He says, "! take it, dear, and I have a Loaf too; partake of it forever!"

A Communion Prayer:

We are all so self-centered about our comings and our goings, our little lives, our little doings, and our fussing around. Dear Lord, help us to get away from that. Let our inner beings pour out to Thee in a holy, loving consecration, a surrender, and a yielding of all that we have. Let it flow back again to Thy loving heart. Teach us how to enter into communion with Thee; deliver us from prayer patterns, and help us to be normal, natural, and real with Thee so that Thou wilt be able to receive from us that which would satisfy and please Thy heart.

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