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Here again, our opponents have tried to overthrow election by telling us that it is an
election of nations, and not of people. But here the Apostle says, “God hath from the
beginning chosen you.” It is the most miserable shift on earth to make out that God
hath not chosen persons but nations, because the very same objection that lies
against the choice of persons, lies against the choice of a nation. If it were not just to
choose a person, it would be far more unjust to choose a nation, since nations are but
the union of multitudes of persons, and to choose a nation seems to be a more
gigantic crime—if election be a crime—than to choose one person. Surely to choose
ten thousand would be reckoned to be worse than choosing one; to distinguish a
whole nation from the rest of mankind, does seem to be a greater extravaganza in the
acts of divine sovereignty than the election of one poor mortal and leaving out
another. 41,42.318

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