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I do not believe in an atonement which is admirably wide, but fatally ineffectual. BA143

I may be called Antinomian or Calvinist for preaching a limited atonement; but I had
rather believe a limited atonement that is efficacious for all men for whom it was
intended, than a universal atonement that is not efficacious for anybody, except the
will of man be joined with it. 173.70

Once again, if it were Christ’s intention to save all men, how deplorably has he been
disappointed! 204.316

“The Lord hath laid on him the iniquity of us all.” It is usually conceded by us who
hold the doctrine of particular redemption that there was in the death of Christ very
much of generality and universality. We believe that the atonement of Christ was
infinite in value, and that if Christ had decreed to save every man of woman born, he
need not have suffered another pang; there was sufficient in his atonement if he had
so willed it to have redeemed the entire race. We believe also that by the death of
Christ there is a general and honest invitation given to every creature under heaven
in terms like these:—“Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved.” We
are not prepared, however, to go an inch beyond that. We hold that from the very
nature of the satisfaction of Christ it could not have been made for any but his elect;
for Christ either did pay the debts of all men or he did not; and if he did pay the debts
of all men they are paid, and no man can be called to account for them. If Christ was
the surety of every man living, then how in the name of common justice is Christ to
be punished, and man punished too? If it be replied that the man would not accept
the atonement, then I ask again, Was there a satisfaction given, for if so it was
given whether the man accepts or not, or else satisfaction by itself is powerless until
man puts efficacy in it, which is preposterous to suppose. If you take away from us
the fact that Christ really did satisfy for those for whom he stood, we cry like Jacob,
“If I am bereaved I am bereaved;” you have taken away all that is worth having, and
what have you given us in its place? You have given us a redemption which
confessedly does not redeem; you have given us an atonement which is made
equally for the lost in hell and for the saved in heaven; and what is the intrinsic value
of such an atonement? If you tell us that Christ made a satisfactory atonement for
every one of the human race, we ask you how it was that he made atonement for
those that must have been in the flames of hell thousands of years before he came
into this world? 694.318

I fear me there are thousands of people who believe that Jesus died for them, who are
not born of God, but rather are hardened in their sin by their groundless hopes of
mercy. There is no particular efficacy in a man’s assuming that Christ has died for
him; for it is a mere truism, if it be true as some teach, that Jesus died for everybody.
On such a theory every believer in a universal atonement would necessarily be born
of god, which is very far from being the case. 979.139

I thank God I do not believe that I was redeemed the same way that Judas was, and
no more. If so, I shall go to hell as Judas did. General redemption is not worth
anything to anybody, for of itself it secures to no one a place in heaven: but the
special redemption which does redeem, and redeems men out of the rest of mankind,
is the redemption that is to be prayed for, and for which we shall praise God for ever
and ever. 1225.175

He did not die to make men savable, but to save them. 2043.509

We do not believe in a universal redemption which extends even to those who were in
hell before the Saviour died, and which includes the fallen angels as well as
unrepentant men. 2785.303

I know there is a general aspect to redemption, which brings some good things to all
men; but there is also the special aspect in it, which brings all good things to some
men. 2877.166

Christ did not die for Judas as he did for Peter; he did not shed his blood for Demas
as he shed it for Paul. 3012.531

We hold most firmly the doctrine of particular redemption, that Christ loved his
Church, and gave himself for it; but we do not hold the doctrine of the limited value
of his precious blood. There can be no limit to Deity, there must be infinite value in
the atonement which was offered by him who is divine. The only limit of the
atonement is in its design, and that design was that Christ should give eternal life to
as many as the Father has given him; but in itself the atonement is sufficient for the
salvation of the whole world, and if the entire race of mankind could be brought to
believe in Jesus, there is enough efficacy in his precious blood to cleanse everyone
born of woman from every sin that all of them have ever committed. 3278.568

Unless God can undeify himself, every soul that Christ died for he will have. 3293.124

There be those who say that Christ has thus given himself for every man now living,
or that ever did or shall live. We are not able to subscribe to the statement, though
there is a truth in it, that in a certain sense he is “the Saviour of all men,” but then
it is added, “Specially of them that believe.” At any rate, dear hearer, let me tell thee
one thing that is certain. Whether atonement may be said to be particular or general,
there are none who partake in its real efficacy but certain characters, and those
characters are known by certain infallible signs. 3513.245

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