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Text Sermons : D.L. Moody : Dr. Chalmers' Story

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There is a story of Dr. Chalmers. A lady came to him, and said, "Doctor, I cannot bring my child to Christ. I've talked, and talked, but it's of no use." The doctor thought she had not much skill, and said, "Now, you be quiet, and I will talk to her alone." When the doctor got the Scotch lassie alone he said to her, "They are bothering you a good deal about this question; now, suppose I just tell your mother you don't want to be talked to any more upon this subject for a year. How will that do?" Well, the Scotch lassie hesitated a little, and then said she didn't think it would be safe to wait for a year. Something might turn up. She might die before then. "Well, that's so," replied the doctor, "but suppose we say six months." She didn't think even this would be safe. "That's so," was the doctor's reply; "well, let us say three months." After a little hesitation, the girl finally said, "I don't think it would be safe to put it off for three months; don't think it would be safe to put it off at all," and they went down on their knees and found Christ.

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