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—The prodigal son got down very low, but he did not get down low enough to beg; he went to work.

—I've lived nearly forty years, and I've learned one thing if I've learned nothing else; that no man or woman who treats disrespectfully father or mother ever prospers.

—The most devoted love on earth is the love of a mother for her child; but what is it in comparison to God's love? Mothers "may forget, yet I will not forget thee," saith the Lord.

—When I was in England, my little girl said, "Papa, why don't those colored folks wash themselves white?" You might as well try to make yourselves pure and holy without the help of God.

—Some one has said there were thousands of men in that camp who knew that God could use them, but David was the only one who believed that God would use him. Said David, "Now, I will go."

—There are three thoughts that I have tried to bring out, that God is love; that His love is unchangeable; that His love is everlasting. The fourth thought is this, that His love is unfailing. Your love is not.

—A great many people wonder why it is that they don't prosper, and are not blessed in the world. It is no wonder to me. The wonder is that God blesses them as He does. If I had a child in constant rebellion toward me, I wouldn't want that child to prosper until that spirit of rebellion would be swept away, because prosperity would ruin them.

—It seems to me after I am dead and gone, I would rather have a man come to my grave and drop a tear, and say, "Here lies the man who converted me; who brought me to the cross of Christ;" it seems to me I would rather have this than a column of pure gold reaching to the skies, built in my honor. If a man wants to be useful, follow Christ.

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