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Text Sermons : D.L. Moody : Communion

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Do not shrink from the thought of living in full communion with God. Be decided to let God draw nearer and nearer and put His holy finger on every detail of your daily life, on every detail of your daily work, on every detail of your daily habits, of your conversation, your reading, your writing.

Very small things can hinder full communion with God. Let us be united that our Lord and Master shall have the first place in our hearts.

The believer should ever remember that Christ is his life, and that Christianity is nothing less than the living exhibition of Christ in his daily walk.


Among the forms of insect life, there is a little creature known to naturalists which can gather around itself, a sufficiency of atmospheric air, and so clothed with it, descends into the bottom of the pool; and you may see the little diver, moving along dry, and at its ease, protected by his crystal vesture, though the water all around be stagnant and bitter.

Communion with God, and prayer is such a protector. A transparent vesture, the world sees it not, a real defense, it keeps out the world.

By means of it, the believer can gather so much of heavenly atmosphere around him, and with it descend into the putrid depths of this contaminating world, that for a reason. No evil will touch him, and he knows when to ascend for a new supply.

Communion with God kept Daniel pure in Babylon.

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