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By Robert Wurtz II

Fellowship With God

It is GodÂ’s will and purpose to restore us as believers back to the fellowship that we once shared with God as humans in the Garden of Eden. This means to walk with God in a state of innocence with no conscious sin. Sin separates us from God and interrupts our fellowship with Him. It is impossible to hold onto known sin and continue in fellowship with God. We have been redeemed to walk with God and allow Him to search us out continually to bring us into a state of genuine holiness. This is the true essence of Romans 4-8. God wants His people to be victorious over sin and Satan in a very real way. He does not want us in a sin-repent-sin-repent state. If we walk in the Spirit we are not under the law or condemnation. This means that we walk and live FULL of the Holy Spirit. The fullness will dictate the amount of victory we will have.

Seeing Through the Eyes of God

When a person is truly FULL of the Holy Ghost they will see life through the eyes of God. They will concern themselves with God’s concerns. The cares of this life will fade in the ongoing presence of the Holy Spirit. Worldly ambitions are traded for God’s perfect will when we walk in communion with Him. The mind begins to tune itself to eternal things that really matter. Temporal pleasures are seen for the vanity that they really are. Fleeting whims are exposed for their worthlessness. Sin looses is enticing pull. Worldliness is shunned. Righteousness is loved and iniquity is hated. What pleases the Holy Ghost will please you. What vexes the Holy Ghost will vex you. What grieves the Holy Ghost will grieve you. What angers the Holy Ghost will anger you. What God loves you will love and what God hates you will hate. A person full of the Holy Ghost is single minded; that is, God is their God and next to Him there is no other. Not career, not possessions, not friendships, not the praise of men, not fashion, not sports, nor any other thing that would challenge your heart for God’s rightful attention. God is number ‘one’ in a real sense. Humility is the disposition and love is the motivation.

Out of the Abundance of the Heart

The heart has been called the ‘seat of the affections’ and the ‘seat of the emotions.’ Jesus said that out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaketh. This means that what your mind and heart dwells on in abundance makes it’s way out through to and out of our mouths. What is on your heart? Your mouth will tell. What do you talk about most? What is the conversational subject that you delight in? What you delight to think about is what you have set your affections on. Where does your mind drift off to when you have time to yourself? We are commanded in scripture to set our affections on things above and not on the things of this earth. It is a symptom of backsliding not to have our affections set on things above. To set our affections in the earth is to disconnect ourselves from communication with God and will set a carnal course for our lives and all who follow us. We cease to follow Christ when we cease setting our affections upon Him. We follow where our heart leads us- and that, is after its own lusts. We can become blind leaders of the blind and all fall into the ditch. We are only good leaders if we are good followers of Christ. We are leading those who are following us- who set their lives by us. As we follow Christ we are all safe- but as our heart begins to wonder our coarse is altered. We lead people to the very things we set our own affections on. We influence people and are known by what we have set our hearts upon.

Pretentious Peity

Well hath Esaias prophesied of you hypocrites, as it is written, This people honoureth me with their lips, but their heart is far from me (Mark 7:6)

In America we have nearly as many gods as the Hindus. God’s of wood, earth, plastic, precious stones and many other things. These things have the devotion of the people. Yet, they do not see themselves as idol worshippers. Christ has many verbal commitments, but these things have their hearts. It provokes God to jealousy to see our hearts fastened on things other than Him. To see us overcome with worldliness and temporal cares of this life- God is as grieved with His people the Church as He was Israel. God is not interested in “weekend warrior” Christians who’s hearts have gone after other things all week. God wants people who wake up in the morning with Him on their minds and go to bed with Him on their lips. God is not interested in those who treat Him as though He is some sort of add-on to their lives. God is not interested in coming into our lives to take away all our ills and cares and then be shoved into a corner while other things dominate our effections. Anything that dominates your heart and mind in place of Christ is an idol. He gave His all for us- and yet so few are willing to give their all for Him. Why do not our hearts burn within us as we walk with Him in the way? What has taken away our affection for Christ? What have we given it to? Christianity requires that we have given Him all of our heart, soul, mind and strength. He controls our lives through His word and through the leading of the Holy Spirit. This is Christianity. This is us knowing Christ and He knowing us. God is not interested in those who call Him, Lord, Lord, and do not the things which He says. God is not interested in double mindedness. To be double minded is to pretend to be one thing at one time- and then shift into another thing at another time. This is not the single-mindedness that God requires. It is pretense. Jesus uses a strong word; hypocrisy. A hypocrite is an actor on the stage. When called upon to ‘act’ they act the part. They knew when to say amen and lift their hands, but their heart is not with Christ. When they are ‘off the stage’ and out of public view- they become who they really are again. No one is more spiritual than they are when they are alone. It is vain to fool a world that will someday know the truth anyway. It is vain to fool friends who will know the truth someday one way or the other.

That I May Know Him

What would it be if the average Christian was as zealous for God as they were accumulating wealth? What if souls dominated the hearts of God’s people as much as mammon? What if we were as diligent about getting our ‘house in order’ to please God as we were to furnish our homes. What if we really loved the Lord and didn’t have to ever be called back into the fold again- but just stuck close by His side till none need wonder where we were? What if someone just wanted to know Christ as Paul did? What if someone was head over heels for God?

If you were to trace the root of the woes of the Western Church back to their source it would no doubt be a combination of a love for money and a love for pleasure. Both of these ‘loves’ are enemies of God. America loves the god of mammon and the love of money is the root of all sorts of evil. People’s affections are on their ‘things’ and the ‘pleasures’ they can derive from them. If we felt the need for God as much as the need for money revival would envelop this land. If we longed for God’s approval as much as mans we would utterly repent, confess all sin, and make restitution where possible. Would we really seek God’s attention we would dress in sackcloth to acknowledge how we have bowed to these gods for decades. If we had sought after God in prayer like we sought the world for pleasure these last 10 years the nation would be on fire. Yet these two gods’ are lifted high in the ‘groves’ of peoples hearts and in the ‘high places’ of their minds. God said in the last days they would love pleasure more than God. They would heap teachers having itching ears. In the Western Church, the messages have widely overlooked covetousness and fostered peace and safety. Prosperity and peace has been the primary message and now the people are conditioned in it. The Greek word for lovers of pleasure means literally friends of sensual pleasures. This is the lust of the flesh and the lust of the eyes and the pride of life. They want to be comfortable and have all their senses please them. Nothing but inputs to their senses that please the flesh- please them. No pain, no suffering, no sorrow. That was the Laodicean Church- where are we?

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