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Text Sermons : F.B. Meyer : Remember the Lord.

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Remember the Lord. Neh. iv. 14.

IT was uncommonly good advice. Amid all the wise precautions taken by this man of sanctified common‑sense, he kept bringing the people back to God. God was amongst them. God would fight for them. God was going to bring the counsel of their enemies to nought.

This would make a good motto for daily living. If in all circumstances we would remember the Lord, the way would be brightened; the burdens would faII; our spirits would never droop; and songs of joy would take the place of sadness. Whenever enemies assail and difficulties gather like storm‑clouds, look away from them and remember the Lord. When hemmed in on every side, be sure that He can help you from his holy heaven; remember the Lord. When heart and flesh fail, and you do not know what to do for the best, be sure to remember the Lord, and act as in his most holy presence. What a comfort and strength it is to see a friend, when standing amid a crowd of adversaries intent on your destruction, and to know that he will act and speak for you! But remember that Jesus is always like that.

You say that you forget so soon; that you would remember, though at the critical moment you are betrayed into forgetfulness. But you must recall His precious promise, that the Holy Spirit will bring all to remembrance. If only you will trust the difficulty into his hands, you will find that He will gladly undertake it; and as long as you leave it with Him, you will hear his voice rising in your heart, and saying, "Remember the Lord."

"Watch with me, Jesus, in my loneliness,

Though others say me Nay, yet say Thou, Yea;

Though others pass me by, stop Thou to bless.

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