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Text Sermons : F.B. Meyer : King Ahaz sent to Urijah the fashion of the

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King Ahaz sent to Urijah the fashion of the

alter and the pattern of it. 2 Kings xvi. 10.

THE fashion of this world passeth away like a fleeting dream; or like the panorama of clouds that constitutes a pavilion of the setting sun, but which, whilst we gaze, tumbles into a mass of red ruin. And yet we are always so prone to imitate King Ahaz, and visit Damascus with the intention of procuring the latest design, and introducing it, even into the service of the sanctuary.

Man naturally imitates. He must get the pattern of his work from above, or beneath; from God or the devil: hence, the repeated injunction to us all, to make all things after the pattern shown on the mount. lf we would be rid of the influence of worldly fashion, we must conform ourselves to the heavenly and divine. The pattern of the Body of Christ ‑‑ of the position of each individual believer among its members, and of the work which each should accomplish ‑‑ was fixed before the worlds were made. The best cure for worldliness is not unworldliness, but other‑worldliness. The best way of resisting the trend of people around us is to cultivate the speech, thought, and behaviour of that celestial world to which we are bound by the most sacred ties, and whither we are travelling at every heart‑throb.

This introduction of the altar of a heathen shrine into the holy temple of Jerusalem, reminds us of the many rites in modern religious observances which have been borrowed from paganism, and warns us that the Church has no right to go to the world for its methods and principles. Let the world do as it may in its discussions about truth, its efforts to attract attention, and its organizations; our course is clear ‑‑ not to build altars after its fashion, nor model our life on its maxims.

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