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(Eyewitness Account of Spiritual Drunkenness in Toronto 1997)

My wife and I celebrated our 14 years of blissful marriage and our anniversary coincided with a week of "soaking" at "Joel's Bar" at Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship (TACF).

People came to get spiritually drunk and drunk they got. We witnessed women crawling out of the sanctuary on their hands and knees because they were to "drunk" to walk upright. Another woman was dragging herself along to the door by her arms because her legs seemed paralyzed (the image was one of a wheelchair bound person who had fallen out of their wheelchair and were attempting to crawl to it).

We saw people spontaneously fall down, the usual uncontrolled laughing, people roaring, making chicken sounds, loud groans and howls. Young children were manifestating all the natural signs of being drunk. 2 pre-teens were brought up on the platform to share the vision they were having of Jesus standing on the stage with John and Carol Arnott. In short the place was "live."

The speaker for the evening (8-1-97) was John Scotland, who has been drunk for the last 3 years non-stop (this is his testimony). He got up to minister (3,000 people were in attendance) and staggered around the stage, told jokes, mumbled, slurred his words and then worked his way up to reading the Bible ("for those of you who are into those kind of things"). When he tried to read the Scripture he would stop and make cackling chicken sounds (I am serious, we ordered the video of this man). In fact, each time he tried to read the Bible strange sounds proceeded from his mouth, which the audience loved. To me this was nothing more than demonic forces making a mockery of the ministry, the Bible, and a person created in the image of God.

When it became minister time I tried to video tape John and Carol Arnott laying hands on folks, I got a few minutes, then I was told to stop. Later on I began to video tape again and got a record of many strange manifestations, which we will make available to people in a few weeks.

The reason they stopped me was simple - they want to control how people see these things. They know if they can present some texts (out of context), have some background music, get some testimonies then it will appear normal. When one simply tapes it in the raw (like it happens) it comes across in a manner they do not like. Nonetheless I think I got some choice shots.

They presented this as a week of getting spiritually drunk and at the bottom on this page I have a link to a teaching regarding this aberration.

Bottom line: We visited TACF. 2 years ago, and now things have gone from bad to worse. There is far less reverence for God than earlier. During Bible reading (what little there was) people walked, talked, bought and sold books, tapes, eat food, etc. The same went on during prayer from the pulpit by the leaders! There was no reverence for God or His Word. Also, the manifestations have increased by a great degree.

Lastly, we noted they kept speaking of this great "baptism of love" how this revival had increased their passion for Jesus and people. . .but they continually spoke harshly of anyone who did not agree with them. I am e-mailing John Arnott about this obvious hypocrisy. They speak of love and yet run down everyone who questions them!

We were very grieved by what we saw and we will go into more detail on a video we are putting together. Do not think this thing is dying down, it is not. They have 4,500 registered for their October "Catch the Fire" conference. Pray like never before.

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