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Discussion Forum : SermonIndex Announcements : SERMONINDEX.NET NEWSLETTER - AUGUST 29th, 2009

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Joined: 2002/12/11
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"Pilgrim and Sojourner." - 1 Peter 2:11

 SERMONINDEX.NET NEWSLETTER - AUGUST 29th, 200991.2.70.82 Reply To This Post | Edit | Delete



The email newsletters have not been as current for many reasons one being that each time one is sent out there is a cost of $30 to send it to over 20,000 subscribers. So in keeping with the vision of to run on as little resources as possible we don't send it out every few weeks. I am hoping to make it a monthly email again and add new additions to the website, also upcoming resources and event.

I am going to list alot of the new happenings, events and changes to that will be new news for many.

1. REVIVAL CONFERENCES - For those that have not been aware of this there are 3 revival conference events planned for this year (Indiana, Ireland and Wales). Details on how to freely register for these events can be simply found at: We are also excited about the free live webcast that will be available on that site. You can as a church play that fullscreen and gather together in your own areas to watch the conferences. Do let us know if you are planning to do this.

The upcoming Indiana conference has alot of signifigance and importance. There will be truly "giants" of the faith ministering the word of God: Bill Mcleod 91 years old, Wesley Deweul 93 years old, Richard Owen Roberts, Bill Gothard and more. We have been given a extremely cheap price in the hotel where the conference will be. So do take advantage of this room that includes 3 meals daily! We recommend you call as soon as possible to secure space in the hotel:

"$60 per room per night (two adults, three meals per person), $15 for additional people (max 4 people to a room), Children 5 and under are free. Early reservation is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED if you choose to use these accomidations. Call the number 317-923-7301 to book now!"

2. NEW TOPIC / BY SCRIPTURE - I am very excited to announce to everyone that on sermonindex you can now browse over 5000 sermons by topic and by scripture. This has been a feature I wanted to add many years ago and by God's grace it has been implemented. To access this feature simply go to and in the main menu find those links under the "audio sermons" link.

3. TWITTER AND FACEBOOK - is now on both twitter and facebook. These are 2 great ways to follow this ministry and get updates on new content being added to the website and also inspiring quotes. You can access and follow the sermonindex twitter account here: And you can join the sermonindex facebook group here:

4. CLASSICS PODCAST - I am very pleased to announce that the podcast was on the top 25 on itunes for a week and was featured on the front page of the Christian section in the itunes directory. This is a answer of prayer to see these older true sermons beside the likes of Joel Osteen and others. May God allow the truth to shine in the midst of the darkness of false professing Christendom. You can subscribe to the Classics Podcast to receive all the prior featured sermons and also have new ones automatically download to your computer:

5. PRAYER CARD FOR MODERATOR - I have developed a prayer card for myself (Greg Gordon). If you feel led please do print it off and keep me in your prayers. I know that any fruitfulness in this ministry is because every step of the site was and is bathed in prayer and intercession. Here is a link to a downloadable card: I personally request prayer being in Germany for 4 months teaching at a bible college on the subject of revival. You can also add me to your facebook at:

6. SITE LOADING TIME - There have been many changes made to the website to help it load much faster on a slow 56k dialup connection. I am continuing to make more changes to allow the fastest possible loading time for the website.

7. FEATURED SERMON - Judges And Jesters by Scott Hynds:

This is a powerful message on the repentance needed in the Church world-wide. There is much that calls itself Christianity but is nothing but a farce. Oh that men would see these circus's in the name of God and repent and seek the true living God. There is terrible deception happening in these last days!


Please write back with any suggestions, comments, etc. I do highly encourage brothers and sisters to spread the word about the upcoming revival conference events:

"If you want to be the first among your brothers and sisters, then be the least."

"Our lives are to be indisputable evidence of the resurrection of Jesus Christ." - Carter Conlon

"We manufacture atheists with mundane Christianity." - Robert Wurtz II

"Our sufficiency is of God." -J. Lovell Murray

Site Moderator,
Greg Gordon

_________________ Moderator - Greg Gordon

"We may be preaching, or praying, or teaching, or merely doing some menial task in the service of God, but if it is done under manís pressure, then it will not be acceptable to God. If you perform anything for God at any time simply under compulsion, or for what you can get out of it on earth, then there will be no reward for you in heaven. God demands willing service." - Bakht Singh

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