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Dear brothers and sisters, It is amazing when looking back on life how fast everything goes. It was just a few years ago by faith as a little boy with a few loves and fish (John 6:9) I offered by faith to Jesus what I could. It was just 20 years ago after reading the book 'Why Revival Tarries' and putting Leonard Ravenhill's old tapes online. It was just 20 years ago when I bought the first file server without any idea how to run it! God has been faithful. To date we have seen well over 100 million mp3 sermons alone distributed world-wide. To be honest I have not just lost count but ensured at times 'not' to count to give all glory to God who has spread (2 Thessalonians 3:1) these resources for His purposes and will.

We are thankful to set apart this upcoming year of 2023 to reflect on the past work of SermonIndex. To find new ways to share the resource with others.

Only eternity will reveal what truly has been through Christ's Spirit that will last. There is still a famine of hearing the words of God in our day (Amos 8:11). SermonIndex's goal of: 'the preservation and propagation of classical vintage preaching and the promotion of genuine biblical revival to this generation' Still remains more relevant and important than ever. May Jesus be glorified and magnified in our lives.

Greg Gordon
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