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Discussion Forum : General Topics : One Christian complains another Christians God talk too much.

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 One Christian complains another Christians God talk too much.

A Christian, whom refused to work Sundays because he can't miss church with his family, complains to an unbeliever that I talk too much about Jesus and the bible. The unbeliever said, she didn't mind my friend and I conversation about Jesus and the bible, but I should watch him because he plans to complain to my boss."
I noted his angry expression when I commented on the 1500 nude Venezuelans.
I say if God wants us nude He wouldn't cover Adam and Eve nakedness. He said, "It is art and I should keep my opinion to myself." I really don't care if he goes to my boss because my boss hates his gut because his company has him there to compete for our job. My boss asked us to be rude to him, but as a Christian I always say soft kind words and treats him politely.


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