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Joined: 2005/5/17
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Santa Rosa, California



God bless you brother, I feel the same way. I mean our ministry is a beautiful one. When it first started (when it had very little) the only choice we had was to depend on Jesus, but since then (39 years ago) we have prospered and God has blessed us monetarily and spiritually, and it seems as though we are falling into the same groove of compromise that has prooved fatal for other ministries who may have started out right but for what ever reason fell away.

I think I'm going to prayerfully ask the leadership why do we give a platform to men who are main liners in the WOF movement. Awhile back at our "Mother Church" Rod Parsely was a special guest speaker...

If we dont endorse their teaching why invite them to address our sheep?



 2006/3/17 12:53Profile


Red... I would encourage you to approach your leadership. I think you should. But at the same time I will caution you to not expect them to change.

If they do not change you have but one option: leave. We are told in scripture to seperate from those who teach error, and avoid them. Even if your leadership doesnt agree with WOF doctrine, the fact that they have had WOF speakers come in tells me that they are leaders by name only.

What good shepherd would allow wolves to come right into the midst of their flock and lead them?


 2006/3/17 14:14

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