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Discussion Forum : Miracles that follow the plow : I have prayed for a long time for my friend to give up gambleing

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Hemel Hempstead

 I have prayed for a long time for my friend to give up gambleing

Can you pray for my friend Dave that he can give up gambling and smoking , it is hard enough to get him to come to church.
I need prayer that he gives up smoking and gambling one of my best friends died from smoking and it pains me and I dont like seeing him waist his money in the bookies

Dominic Shiells

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 Re: I have prayed for a long time for my friend to give up gambleing

Your words caught my attention,
You see I was addicted to Gambling among other things in my life. Recently I have experience confession and repentence from that and other areas of sin and darkness. I don't think the change in my life had to do with a method I followed or anything like a 12 step process. This was a total God thing. I was stuck in my ways till my ways just couldn't continue. My credit cards were charged up and I had to stop out of necessity and convenience. Then later after that I saw that this was not just something I did but was ruining me and it had me. I since have repented, given up the whole idea of getting something for nothing and any form of gambling.
The result of this turning from sin to God has been a blessing greater than any thing God has ever done in my life. Jesus is opening new doors. Revelation 3:20 he's always been there knocking on the dark parts of my heart and in this area I finally gave him access. Oh how sweet it is to dine with Jesus. You just never know what he will say to you.

That is my story of deliverance in a nut shell. All glory is due and given to God. And he is willing and eager to bring life in to the dead areas of our lives.
Jesus I pray in Jesus name that you touch our friends life and the lives of other caught up in the schemes of the enemy. I pray that the truth of those deceptions would be exposed. Where light shines and Jesus exposes light to the darkness there is then no place for any thing but Jesus to stand. I pray Jesus power over this situation, please Jesus, enter in and clean house, speak to this friend and show them your love and fill the emptiness that is there. Jesus, we don't know what to pray but we lift this lost one up to you and know you are going to do your will and I pray knowing that your will is that none should parish but all come to know your love. Not all will, we can be stubborn and choose death because you allow us to choose or else it really isn't love. Jesus, speak to the situation, give words to our friend to reach their friend, You know all the details and I know you are able.
Jesus, I thank you in advance for the work of deliverance here and we eagerly await the day of the answers to these prayers.
We pray all this in God's name, power and authority pleading John 14:12-14. In Jesus Name,

Go in the grace and then the peace of God. He is good and sufficient. I humble ask that my words be striped away and only the truth remain, Jesus send these words to those who need them and may you God get all glory and honor.
Thanks for the opportunity to pray. God bless,
Jeremy Weeks

Jeremy Weeks

 2006/4/2 17:58Profile

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