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I have received 2 'spam' emails, in my inbox and not my spam box. That sounds like 'no biggie' to most of you.

But, as I look on the 'sent to' people. I know a few names HERE that have received the same email.

The first was a 'enhansment' drug. The second had something to do with a credit card or something.

I think this is quite weird. Because, SOMEONE took some SI names and used it for their soliciting. First off I'm curious on how did that. (Did our names seep out to some place or something). Or did it just happen because that person was 'diligent' and clicked on random names and copied down that persons email and then saved those and sent those to other people.

To me this is weird. Not because of the spam, but because of the emails are with other people on SI. Or maybe (this just popped in my head) it could be from FireontheAltar. I don't know if you all have blogs there (the ones receiving the same emails as myself) but maybe thats how.

I know tacklebox receives em. And I was going to post all the emails, but that might only further the cluperate.

Any 2 cents on this?

 2006/3/9 10:24

 Re: Emails

Pretty simple... if you have made your email address here publicly accessable, then you are open to spammers. All they have to do is join, look up profiles, get your email... badda bing badda boom... you're on their list.

I have several different email addresses. One in particular is extremely private, and so far I get maybe 5 spams a month. 2 others are for things I do out on the internet (like this site), and I just accept that there will be spam. Spam blocker catches a lot, but not everything.

So basically... dont give out or post or link or make public your email... or you will get spam. And you dont have to visit pornographic sites to get pornographic spam.


 2006/3/9 10:37

Joined: 2003/7/31
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 Re: Emails

The spammers use some basic software tools known as robots or 'bots' that will automatically scan every page of a site and harvest e-mail addresses. Sooner or later, when you create accounts on sites like SI or when you buy things online, your e-mail address will be harvested. That is why , as krispy said, it can be helpful to create a seperate e-mail address for these things and once the spam starts coming in frequently you just delete the e-mail account and create a new one. All the while you keep your primary e-mail address off the internet web sites.

Also, I have found that it isn't helpful to ever respond to any spam even if it is just to click on a link to remove your name from their list. I think all that does is let them know they have a live address, the spam just keeps coming.

In Christ,


Ron Halverson

 2006/3/9 11:03Profile

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