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 Open Air: Crowd of Maybe 200


Today we preached for 5 hours to crowds of up to maybe 200 people.

The crowds grew large, but never very angry. Often it seems the larger the crowd, the angrier the crowd. But not so here. The crowd typically had a light atmosphere.

All three of us had a chance to preach for a good length of time. We answered their objections and questions of life.

Both the city paper, and the campus paper came out to the meeting.

God truly blessed this meeting.


"I appreciate what ya'll are doing." [i]Rebecca, Freshmen - Human Relations Major.[/i]

"I think it's great and it got a lot of people involved who otherwise would not have been. It made me as a Christian want more knowledge of the scriptures." [i]Blaze, Sophmore - Psychology Major[/i]

"I think this is a good idea because like the Apostles, when they preached they ran into trouble. This is the best group that we've had." [i]Meghan, Professional Writing Major.[/i]

"I think you guys did a lot of good today." [i]A Christian Student.[/i]

Around 80 pictures of the outreach can all be viewed at: [url][/url]

 2006/3/8 20:04

Promoting Genuine Biblical Revival.
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