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 Sports Game

Monday night, I went to a basketball game. I went to Charlotte to see the Charlotte Bobcats play the Miami Heat. I usually go to 1 to 3 games per year. I enjoy basketball. I don't think that enjoying a sport is a sin at all. However, I came to a stunning realization after Monday night's game. I came to the realization that I'm not sure if I want to attend any future games. The last few games that I've attended have been filled with filthy-mouthed hecklers shouting obsenities down to the players. (This really aggravates me since my 8-year-old son goes to the games with me). Furthermore, the dancers run out during the time-outs and flaunt their bodies to an embarrassing level. The music is NOT family-friendly. Additionally, there is a BAR inside the Bobcats arena! I feel like I'm exposing my 8-year-old to a giant night-club. After all , what's the difference between a nightclub and the Bobcats basketball game? answer: nothing. Am I over-reacting to this situation or is this a normal Christian response? Are the other cities that host professional basketball games similiar? Or is there a "family-friendly" city that has pro basketball games? The reason I ask is because I've never been to basketball games in other cities.....
comments are welcome.... thanks- dennis


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 Re: Sports Game

Am I over-reacting to this situation or is this a normal Christian response?

I don't believe you are overreacting at all. I observed much of the same at a Phoenix Suns game last year, it was greivous.

A friend gave us two tickets to the game so I took my 12 year old son. It was the first pro basketball game I had been to in many years. All just as you described, bars, loud rock music, scantily clad, suggestive dancers, it really felt 'Hollywood'. I don't remember there being such a push to keep the crowd entertained every second. It used to be that the game on the court was enough, not so anymore. Maybe they feel they have to try to justify the outrageous ticket prices ($70 apiece for the ones my friend gave me). I wouldn't spend 70 cents to go again.

I used to love all that stuff before Christ, it's amazing how blind we are when we're dead in our sins.

In Christ,


Ron Halverson

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 Re: Sports Game


I raised with a ball. Played volleyball for 6-7 years. I was regulary every weekend to watch some game, volleyball, basketbaal, soocer etc.
After I became christian, I did not stop immidiately going there, but God's Spirit in me was uncomfortable from the same reasons as you said, filthy language, bad music etc
"What are you doing here?" - said God to me, "What are you looking for?
I was not obeying His voice some time, still the things of this world were making pleasure to me, to my body.
But after few years when I start to look more seriosly of God's things I stopped going there, because I believe it's not my place there. I was looking for just spending good time and was part of the crowd who was screaming and shouting bad words, despite I was not.
God convicted me, some time I not obeyed, but after that I decided not to go.

I still love the sport :-) And I am not against for some good game of basketball, although I haven't played some 2-3 years and more :-(
1 Tim.4:8 For bodily exercise profiteth little: but godliness is profitable unto all things, having promise of the life that now is, and of that which is to come.

I am just re-reading the biography of Wesley, and in one place he says that doing sports in his young ages, made him to be more healthy in his older ages.

But,we should make difference between to be part of this entertainment sport and pure sport.
It was some year ago when I saved this quote from Ravenhill, which I agree with:
"People say that we have no king and quine in america i say we have king in america his name is sport and his larger name is entertainment and i am convinced in my own heart that entertainment is the devil substitute of joy"

God bless,

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I just found one saved comment on my computer from some old thread about entertainment that I would like to post it. It think it was sister Chanin's (moreofHim) post. Here it is:

I think of this all the time and it's really true. I remember about a year or so ago, we would go see movies because we were bored and wanted to escape reality for awhile. That's just a crutch though. We really should go straight to the Lord for these needs. Spend time with Him, de-stress in Him, relax in Him, escape with Him.

It's still a temptation sometimes because we have given so much other stuff up. It's seemed like the only thing left to do that we could just relax and unwind. Well, we're learning to relax and unwind in His presence amidst our little family.

(p.s. hey sister where are you? :-) )

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I havent been to the new Bobcats arena yet... but saw them in the old place last year. I agree with you.

I took my two oldest kids to see Atlanta and Tampa Bay play last year at the Georgia Dome, and there was this idiot behind us who somehow interjected the F-word into every sentence... twice. I finally had enough and said something to him, and he threatened me... until I stood up and took my jacket off. He backed down.

But I shouldnt have to do that. It's rediculous.

I've noticed that at the Panthers games the crowd seems a little more friendly. I dont know what the difference is... but the crowd at the Falcons game was extremely hostile.

As for cheerleaders, well we all know about the two Panthers cheerleaders. Fortunately I can only afford seats in the upper deck so it's not in our face. But I have noticed that the NBA cheerleaders are way worse than the NFL. When we went to a Bobcats game last year (they actually won) the cheerleaders reminded me of the strip clubs I used to visit when I was in the Marines.

I dont think we'll be going to anymore NBA games. A child of God has no business opening himself up to that kind of lustful temptation. It's very difficult to look away... so why go? I can watch it on TV for free, and they rarely ever show the cheerleaders.


 2006/3/9 7:44

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