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 Finney's ministry

Finney was a preacher of righteousness. But one of the main problems that I believe people had with him was his emphasis on the will of man involved in salvation. In his autobiography he details his views in contrast to the belief that if God wills one to be saved, it will happen without the involvement or response of the human will. Back then, many believed that if it was God's will to save them, that He simply would drop it on them. So their only hope was to pray and wish upon a star that they would be the "elect". Repentance was not an act of the will in response to the conviction of and with the help of the Holy Spirit, but just a gift to be granted randomly.
Finney's message was basically one that put the heart of discipleship immediately into every convert. He didn't have a sinner's prayer type format. He just encouraged people to lay down anything that would stand between them and their salvation and throw everything at the feet of God. We don't start people out that way anymore, that type of preaching is reserved for 20-year "seasoned" Christians. Many people experienced no assurance of salvation under his ministry UNTIL they had put away a particular pet sin that they had. Of course, it was different for everyone.
One man experienced no assurance of salvation until he went to pray in the woods(the woods were known in the town as a place get right with God). This was because he expressly knew that God wanted him to pray in the woods, but his pride did not want him to be seen going into the woods to pray. He would do everything BUT go into the woods, he would throw himself into puddles to pray, but he felt no change until he went into the woods.
You should read his autobiography if you get a chance, he also more explains the whole "getting into the denomination" thing.
I have never heard of the same kind of Holy Spirit conviction and thorough repentance as I have heard from his ministry

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