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 Inquiring minds may want to know

The following questions are intended for [b]personal[/b] inquiry [b]only.[/b]

Can I continue to be angry towards someone for whom I regularly pray? If so, would I be ashamed to repeat my prayers for them in public?

How long does it take me to decide to pray for someone who has wronged me? When I do pray for them, does it invlove asking God to show them they were wrong? If so why?

Can my prayer life best be described as attempting to get God to do my will? Would I continue to pray as I do if I realised it was?

Could the people I work with testify against me if I was on trial for being a Christian?

How do the people around me believe I feel about the following issues:


pre-marital sex








racial predjudice

Have I ever given any of them the impression that I condone any of the above?

Do people you know feel comfortable cursing around you?

Name 10 ways in which you have shown compassion to another human being in the last month.

Name one person you have prayed for that has wronged you within the last year.

Name at least 5 people you have prayed for to be saved in the last month.

Think of at least one person you have shared the Gospel with in the past week.

Christopher Joel Dandrow

 2006/3/7 22:08Profile

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