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Discussion Forum : General Topics : I have been looking a how hypocritical I am , how hypocritical are we

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Hemel Hempstead

 I have been looking a how hypocritical I am , how hypocritical are we

What is the measure and extent of our own hypocrisy and can god deliver me from it.
I am someone who wants to stay true to my word but sometimes things get in the way.
I have had many problems such as getting out of bed and facing a new day.
What is the extent to we are not true, how much are we hiding behind the myriad of lies.
Jesus says that I am the way ,the truth and the life and the devil is the father of lies.
C S Lewis says that the absence of saying and doing is slowly decreasing.
I so want to be true in everyway but I know I have to battle with sin which always hides things also there is things that we do not want to face in our own lives else we would commit suicide.
Facing truth is hard.
Grace and Truth are by Jesus Christ we need Grace to face Truth.
There is also a verse in john is manifested by the light becomes light.
I wish and want to become 100% truthful to myself and live in self denial.
Danny Kensenton has a sermon that all deception comes from self deception and in the bible there are quite a few verses that start of do not be decieved , that means that there is a possibility of being decieved.
Jesse Moriels sermons on hypocrisy are so true, I have met many a christian in the state that he met them and worse.
I just want all the hypocrisy out of my own heart and the grace to face it because I would commit suicide. I need a mighty love to help me through this, the love of god brings us to repentance and I need his live to face truths that are like swords.
Sometimes I pray that god would send his B2 bombers from heaven, a B2 bomber is one of the most advanced american aircraft.
Basically it means Jesus I need all the help I can get.
You did not chose me but I chose you to go and bear fruit and bear fruit abundantly.
I so want not to be a hypocrite and give all the glory to god.

Dominic Shiells

 2006/3/7 14:09Profile

 Re: I have been looking a how hypocritical I am , how hypocritical are we

One thing you 'are' Dom is candid. Painfully honest ... which is good.

There is truth in all that you say.

There is just a need for balance, because unless we see that we are flesh, our 'total' dependence on God would lessen.

I will PM you my email address "if" you need another faulty soul to speak to whenever.

God truly Bless you.

We are accepted in the Beloved.
Read these verses below from Phil. 3

And about where our JOY comes from.

We're IN Him, Always.

 2006/3/7 14:35


Your in good company, Dom... right here with the rest of us hypocrites.


 2006/3/7 15:08

Joined: 2003/6/3
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 Re: I have been looking a how hypocritical I am , how hypocritical are we

Please read Brother Roberts current work:

It is good that you feel bad, we must all come to the understanding why we feel this conviction. We must all face the truth that we must suffer death to self. We must all be willing to meditate on the ugliness of living an adulterous spiritual life. Only then will we see the power of the ressurrected "Life."

Worth is the Lamb that was slain, may He receive His just reward.

In Christ

Jeff Marshalek

 2006/3/7 15:47Profile

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